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A revolution in luxury car rental

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Founded in 2010 in Monaco, MC Luxury Rental is redefining the standards of high-end car rental service. Led by Jerome Oliveto of Nice and his partners, the company became the first in the Monaco region to offer this type of service, revolutionizing the industry.

13 years ago, Jerome, from the hotel business, and his three companions set out on a more than ambitious adventure. Guided by a dream! His little brother who wanted to rent a Ferrari for his 18th birthday, but couldn’t find the perfect opportunity. Then Jerome sees in it the professional opportunity to respond effectively to a problem. It was then that the four of them founded MC Luxury Rental, a luxury car rental service, starting with the very first car: the sparkling Lamborghini Gallardo.

Since its inception, MC Luxury Rental aims to offer luxury cars and meet the needs in all conditions to the most demanding international clients, especially through concierge services and private communications. The company has two physical agencies, mainly in Monaco and Paris. Tailor-made delivery is one of the strengths of the brand, which provides direct delivery of vehicles to hotels, villas, airports or wherever in Europe the customer needs it. Thus creating a strong relationship of trust with their customers, they place special emphasis on 100% reliable and tailored service.

MC Luxury Rental offers a world of prestige at the forefront of innovation

Today, the company offers a range of flagship cars ranging from SUVs to supercars, such as the Lamborghini Urus, Ferrari F8 spider and the most famous ones such as Bentley, Rolls, Maybach, Porsche and many more. For connoisseurs of performance cars, the choice extends, in particular, to Range Rover Sport and Mercedes, which are equipped with engine blocks of extraordinary strength. The rental period can vary from 3 days to 1 month as per the client’s desire. To date, the company has a fleet of approximately 40 vehicles to meet the most demanding orders. But, also, MC Luxury Rental emphasizes its peculiarity to always respond to the slightest request of the customer. Indeed, depending on a particular vehicle desired, Jerome and his teams organize themselves to find the desired vehicle at that time and in all circumstances.

In addition, MC Luxury Rental decided to push the experience even further, by creating a new identity with Olinid (Everything I Need). This DNA allows it to set itself apart from the competition, while still offering its 100% tailor-made service. In fact, Olinid offers a seamless and fun booking service, via the app, that allows customers to choose their cars directly from a wide range of luxury models. An innovative application that attracts more and more customers. In line with its commitment to excellence in the luxury car rental service, MC Luxury Rental includes biometric verification features to ensure customer and vehicle safety. But, above all, it provides real-time access to the entire fleet, with the place of departure and arrival as well as the total cost of the service. Thus, no detail is overlooked to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Purposeful company with a promising future

A leader in long-term rental, MC Luxury Rental offers first-class LOA and LLD schemes. Giving MC Luxury Rental a leading position in the luxury car rental industry. Whether it is the desire to drive a Ferrari for several months or to live the Porsche experience over a long period of time, Jerome and his teams put everything in place to ensure a guaranteed high level of service.

For the current year, the company plans to develop a network of affiliate franchises throughout France and Europe. Especially thanks to the opening of five additional branches in the beginning. Within three years, the goal is to allow all customers, if necessary, to be less than three hours from the branch.

In short, MC Luxury Rental continues to push the boundaries of what a luxury car rental company can offer. Its commitment to service excellence and customer satisfaction has allowed it to differentiate itself in a competitive market and establish itself as a leader in its field.

MC Luxury Rental also has so-called temporary agencies in winter and summer in the most prestigious winter and coastal resorts.

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