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In Iran, the police are strengthening their control over non-veiled women

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On Sunday, July 16, Iranian police announced that they have reinstated patrols to punish more and more women for not wearing headscarves in public.

“From today, the police will, through car and foot patrols, warn and punish people who, unfortunately, disobey orders and continue to disobey the dress code.”Police spokesman Saeed Muntazer Al-Mahdi warned, quoting Tasnim Agency.

sequel after announcement

This announcement comes ten months after the death, on September 16, 2022, of the 22-year-old Iranian Kurdish woman, Mohsa Amini, who was arrested by the morality police and accused of violating the dress code of the Islamic Republic, imposed in particular on women who wear headscarves in public.

protest movement

In recent days, photos and videos posted on social media have shown female police officers in chador admonishing and arresting women not wearing headscarves.

Mohsa Amini’s killing sparked a massive protest movement with demonstrations in several cities in October and November before subsiding. Several hundred people were killed, including members of the security forces, and thousands arrested. Seven men were executed for their involvement in this movement.

After protestors became suspicious, the morality police have largely disappeared from the streets in recent months. And more and more women were going out with their heads uncovered, especially in Tehran and the big cities.

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