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Employment law specialist Jean-Denis Comprexel is Director of the Cabinet at Elisabeth Bourne

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Employment law specialist Jean-Denis Comprexel has been appointed Cabinet Director at Elisabeth Bourne, a position he currently holds with the Minister for Justice, we learn from ministerial sources on Monday 17 July.

“I announce the arrival of Jean-Denis Comprexel, who will succeed Aurelien (Rousseau) from today”And he announced, on Monday, in a message to his team, the prime minister, according to these sources.

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Jean-Denis Combrexel, 69, replaces Aurelien Rousseau, chief of staff to the Prime Minister for more than a year. The latter must have left office at 1any July, and this long-delayed replacement sparked speculation about a possible cabinet reshuffle that would affect even the prime minister. So the prime minister remains. In Matignon, he responded to Agence France-Presse, a former minister to Emmanuel Macron, after the appointment of Jean-Denis Comprexel.

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Specialist in social issues

This former head of the State Council Litigation Department (2018-2021), after heading the Social Department (2014-2018), led the Ministry’s powerful General Directorate of Labor under right-wing and then left-wing governments. Employment (2001-2014).

Specializing in social issues, he was the author of a report presented in 2015 to the then Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, on labor law and collective bargaining, which inspired the 2016 Labor Code.

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Since May 2022, he has been Chief of Staff to Seals Keeper Eric Dupond Moretti. His appointment to Matignon was welcomed favorably by the social partners.

“We will take over the work! At least he knows about labor issues and labor organizations. Continued ”Dennis Grafoil (CGT) commented, while Hubert Mongon (Medef) called it an A“Excellent connoisseur of social affairs and highly recognized”.

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