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Emmanuel Macron decided to keep Elisabeth Bourne in Matignon

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Emmanuel Macron has decided to keep Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne in Matignon and will explain his position “by the end of the week” On the course he intends to follow at the beginning of the academic year, he announced to his entourage on Monday, July 17

“In the interest of stability and essential work, the President of the Republic decided to keep the Prime Minister.”we said. “He intends to prepare for the start of the school year by recalling the clear course that belongs to him and gathering strength after this period.”We added from the same source.

sequel after announcement

Elizabeth Bourne, Her Secret Story

Shortly after being confirmed in her position by the President of the Republic, Elizabeth Bourne announced that she “I wish (you have) modifications” to his government according to those around him. prime minister They will propose it to the President of the Republic this week.We added from the same source.

“July 14th was a success”

Thus, Emmanuel Macron, who is traveling until Tuesday in Brussels, offers a preliminary perspective of the result he intends to present to him. “100 days”issued on April 17 in order to find an outlet for the pension crisis.

“She Doesn’t Want to Take Pensions”: New Elizabeth Bourne Trial Period

“The 100-day goal has been achieved and calm has returned.”And we referred from the same source in reference to the hundred days set by the head of state in mid-April to regain control after the pensions crisis and the riots that set France on fire at the end of June.

“July 14th was a success”The presidential delegation continues, while fears of new outbreaks of violence on the occasion of the National Day have not been confirmed. The country is moving forward. The CEO should be working and getting ready for the start of the school year.”also welcomes.

sequel after announcement

“Use it to the bone”

The riots at the end of June had initially extinguished the prospect of a cabinet reshuffle, but once the embers were extinguished, the rumors resumed with renewed vigor, ranging from a minor technical reshuffle to a change of prime minister.

The head of state finally decided ” Maintains “ Elizabeth Bourne at Matignon…which also suggests that he considered taking her away.

Employment law specialist Jean-Denis Comprexel is Director of the Cabinet at Elisabeth Bourne

All against the backdrop of a campaign reinvigorated by Home Secretary Gerald Darmanin through his administration of violence and which “He has a deep dislike” Why Elizabeth Bourne “It is embodied in his relationship with politics and people.”According to Vice Renaissance. “This technocracy that has risen to power keeps people away”as you say.

But maybe in the end, Emmanuel Macron “He wants to wear him down to the bone.”says a former minister. “Hence, it is true that there really is no majority-achieving alternative.”adds the latter.

Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne actually survived a failed legislative election over a year ago, then used 49.3 to pass a hotly contested pension reform in the spring, and multiple disagreements with the president. But, resiliently, without truly game-changing competition, it finally managed to establish itself, and lay its foundations.

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