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Madhavan’s selfie goes viral with French President Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Narendra Modi

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French President Emmanuel Macron and Bollywood actor R Madhavan shared some pictures from a banquet in honor of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Louvre Museum in France on Saturday. In the photos, he can be seen taking a selfie with Prime Minister Modi and former French footballer Mathieu Flamini while President Macron texts them on his phone. He said he is in awe of world leaders and this moment will forever be etched in his heart.

French President Macron clicking a selfie with Prime Minister Modi and Madhavan

Madhavan talks about the meeting French President Macron

“Nice to meet you,” Madhavan said in the video above.

He also later wrote a long note describing a visit that left him completely smitten.


The passion and dedication to do good for Indo-French relations, as well as for the people of the two countries, was evident and intensified during the 14th of July celebration in Paris on 14th July 2023.”

He was in awe of world leaders.


I was in awe of the dinner hosted by President Emmanuel Macron in honor of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s country at the Louvre, between these two world leaders, as they enthusiastically outlined their visions for the future of these two friendly nations. . Positivity and mutual respect were in the air like a loving hug.

Speaking about the viral selfie, he said:


I sincerely pray that their vision and dreams will bear fruit for all of us in due course. The president Macron a pris avec impatience a selfie de nous tandis que notre estimé Premier ministre s’est gracieusement et gracieusement levé pour en faire partie… a moment qui restera à jamais gravi dans mon esprit en raison du chaactère unique et de l’impact de this picture. Thanks to President Macron and Modi Ji for the wonderful lesson in compassion and humility. May France and India prosper together forever. 14th July 2023 also saw the impressive and successful launch of Chandrayaan 3 with Vikas engine built with the help of SEP France by Shri Nambi Narayanan. They also prayed for the success of their important and wonderful mission.

Why did Prime Minister Modi visit France?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Paris on July 13 to attend the French National Day celebrations, also known as July 14, as the guest of honour, along with soldiers from Punjab Regiment of the Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force who marched with a division of the Rajputana Rifles. That was French President Emmanuel Macron salutes those who He fought valiantly in France and Belgium during the First World War.

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