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Kiev says it is on the defensive on the eastern front

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Ukraine admitted on Sunday that it was on the defensive on the eastern front against Russian forces, and Vladimir Putin, for his part, stressed that the Ukrainian army’s counter-offensive, which began in June, had not won. “of success”.

The remarks come as the agreement on Ukrainian grain exports through the Black Sea expires on Monday evening.

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From Kiev, Deputy Minister of Defense Jana Malyar admitted that the Ukrainian military was ‘on the defensive’ in the east of the country. For two days in a row, the enemy has been actively attacking in the Kobyansk sector, in the Kharkiv region.she said on Sunday. “There is intense fighting, and positions (…) change several times a day”.

“Situation escalated somewhat.”

Kiev admitted to fighting difficult battles and called on its allies to provide more long-range weapons and artillery. But the deputy minister argued that the Ukrainian forces “gradually progressing” Near Bakhmut, a city that had a population of 70,000 before the conflict, which fell under Russian control in May after very bloody clashes that began in the summer of 2022.

“In Bakhmut itself, we bombard the enemy, and the enemy bombs us.”said Ms. Maliar. “The situation has intensified somewhat in the east.”However, I confirmed.

For his part, Vladimir Putin considered that the counterattack of the Ukrainian army did not win ” He hits “.

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“All the enemy’s attempts to break through our defense (…), especially using strategic reserves, were unsuccessful during the entire period of the offensive. The enemy did not succeed. ”Vladimir Putin said.

Speaking in an interview with the Rossia-1 TV channel, broadcast on Sunday, he considered the situation to be so “positive” Russian forces at the front. “Our troops are performing heroically. Unexpectedly for the opponent, they go on the offensive in certain sectors and capture more advantageous positions.confirmed.

Slow progress

The Ukrainian counter-offensive has been leading since June with the support of heavy weaponry provided by the West, advancing slowly against Russian forces who have had time to set up strong defences, including formidable minefields, and who still have ample firepower to bombard Ukrainian forces.

On Sunday, the Ukrainian General Staff said that offensive operations in the direction of Melitopol and Berdyansk, two Russian-occupied towns in southern Ukraine, are continuing.

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Counterattack: Ukrainian soldiers facing the Russian wall

For its part, Russia announced, on Sunday, the neutralization of at least ten Ukrainian drones, which were launched in the Crimea peninsula, which it annexed near Sevastopol, the headquarters of the Russian fleet in the Black Sea, which is regularly targeted by this type of attack.

The cereal deal ends Monday

With the Ukraine grain deal expiring on Monday, Vladimir Putin has yet to say whether Russia will renew it.

On Saturday, the Russian president said that the main goal of the agreement had not been achieved, during a telephone interview with his South African counterpart, Cyril Ramaphosa.

“Vladimir Putin stressed that the obligations stipulated in the memorandum of Russia and the United Nations on removing obstacles to the export of Russian food and fertilizer products have not yet been fulfilled.”The Kremlin said.

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“The main objective of the agreement, which is to deliver grain to countries in need, particularly on the African continent, has not been achieved.”The Russian presidency said in a press release that this conversation between Putin and Ramaphosa was published.

NATO summit: “Zelensky has reason to be disappointed, everything is late”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the mediator between Kiev and Moscow, confirmed on Friday that Vladimir Putin ” Good “ To extend this vital Ukrainian grain agreement. But the Kremlin denied making any statement about it.

Signed in July 2022 in Istanbul and already renewed twice, the agreement expires on Monday evening at midnight in Istanbul (9:00 pm GMT). Over the past year, he has made it possible to get nearly 33 million tons of grain out of Ukrainian ports despite the conflict.

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