Home News “I absolutely want you to end this deadly game.”

“I absolutely want you to end this deadly game.”

by admin

June 29, 2023

Dear Buffalo

Knowing that you are okay is what brings me the most joy right now.

I don’t know very well, unfortunately, what you mean by this “deadly game”. That is why you want to end this deadly game. I beg you. Leave all of this before it’s too late. Statistics is a stubborn science. As you know, the number of people in our circle of friends who have lost a loved one is steadily increasing. Cuba lost her fiancé last week. They were engaged for two weeks. You sent me their picture. They looked so happy. Happiness in wartime is very fleeting.

Too many deaths around us. However, I am convinced, life always wins. Here’s what I told myself at the HEC MBA alumni meet-up yesterday: There were a lot of couples with newborns! before you go

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