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Criticized, Marlene Schiappa assures her “straightforwardness is intact”

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On June 14, facing the senators in the inquiry committee, Secretary of State Marlene Schiappa sought above all to reduce her role, assigning responsibility to her former office of Minister Delegate for Citizenship, in the disastrous management of the Marian Fund. A particularly casual Marilyn Schiappa, who I listened to, knew little or nothing about the process of appropriating some 2.5 million government subsidies granted from this fund, which was launched in April 2021, a few months after the assassination of Samuel Paty.

Having been personally questioned by senators’ questions, the Secretary of State even welcomed the convening of the investigative committee, explaining that she “It requires a lot of recommendations that your committee will make, and be responsible for the relations with the life of the associations, in order to move towards more transparency” …

sequel after announcement

Terms of attribution, balance sheet, lookups…getting all about the Marian Fund controversy

A rather bold line of defense, which the interested party reiterated Sunday in an interview with Corsica Matin. “My integrity is intact, and that’s what matters to me.”confirms, adding regards Publication of the Senate report Which issues a certain number of criticisms, of course, but above all gives recommendations for the future. Interesting recommendations, in my opinion, should be studied.

Marilyn Schiappa also explains, “I note that the charges against me have been dismissed. Some have spoken of embezzlement and nepotism, and today the chairman of the Senate Investigative Committee himself admitted that these charges were absurd.”

Condemnation reports

truly ? “blackout”And “victim”And “failure”And “political ploy” : The report of the investigation committee, which was published on July 6, in fact greatly crushed the management of this fund and indicated its personal responsibility.

“Lack of rigor, opacity, and casualness led to a fiasco.” This initiative aims to finance the rhetoric against radical Islam, which was announced during a press conference by Jean-François Huson (LR), the decision of the Senate investigation assigned to this controversial dossier. The report is clear about the drift of what we call the “political coup”.He added, referring to a “Great communication process” from the minister.

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For the rapporteurs, it was the process of selecting the beneficiary associations of the fund ‘sloppy, opaque and fragmented’ : The deadline for calling for projects was reduced from 70 to 20 days, which did not allow associations to Submission of already built projects. structures that did not exist “There is no guarantee of the seriousness and quality of their work.” Owns Not only were they selected, but they also received the most important scholarships.they insisted.

Among the associations at the heart of the survey, the Union of Associations for Physical Education and Military Readiness (USEPPM) presented “Junk balance sheet in terms of subsidies” Of the €355,000 promised, according to the report: She only has 1,763 followers in total on Twitter, Tiktok and Instagram. The “Rebuild of the Year” who received 330,000 euros is A “send error” According to the Senators: Videos produced by this association and posted online Targeted political figuresthat “unacceptable” From a structure that receives public funding, according to them. In the end, the ” Prepare “ inherent in this device “It has not been retained, which is the full political responsibility of the minister.”

Also on July 6, the Inspectorate General of Administration (IGA), in a second report that presented the very harsh conclusions of the Senate investigative committee, identified the management of the Marian Fund. Neither transparent nor fair.

An initiative launched by Marilyn Schiappa to fund counter-narratives of radical Islam on the Internet has led to ‘Opaque winner selection process’, which was not based on any evaluation network and did not respect the established criteria, the IGA inspectors estimated. Some projects have been selected though “obvious contradictions” According to fund standards, others upstream, on the contrary, were rejected when they were registered “in the supposed context of the call for applications”the authors wondered.

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Marianne Fund: “This case is a holy bread for conspiracy”

With the exception of two associations (USEPPM and Reconstruire le commun), the IGA mission did not comply “Clear irregularities, but mostly delays in the implementation of projects and misunderstandings regarding the administrative obligations incumbent upon them.”among other beneficiaries.

The document also referred to a follow-up process “to fail” Project production. This second part also came “the shadow” The initial confirmation that former Minister Delegate Citizenship Marlene Schiappa will have “removed from the process” Pass the official launch of the fund on April 20, 2021. Marlène Schiappa has, as revealed by Mediapart, intervened to remove SOS Racisme from the list of winners, in favor of the media education association ALMA, the inspection indicated.

This IGA report complemented the first report, disclosed in early June, that focused solely on the Federation of Military Physical Education and Equip Societies, the primary recipient of the funds. The document was condemned by many “flaws”, both in the application process and then in the use of funds by the association. This IGA’s first report had already led to the departure of Governor Christian Gravelle, who ended up resigning from his position as chair of the Interministerial Committee on Prevention of Irregularity and Extremism (CIPDR) – responsible for managing the fund.

Après la transmission of more signals, le parquet national financier (PNF) avait ouvert début mai une judiciaire information for des soupçons de tournement de fonds publics in the gestion of these fonds, detournement detournement de fonds publics by négligence, abus de confiance et prise illégale d interests. Several searches targeted Case Heroes in June.

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