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Ron Perlman Warns Hollywood Executives: ‘Watch Out, Mom’

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Hellboy Actor Ron Perlman issued a stern warning to Hollywood executives amid the SAG-AFTRA strike: “There are a lot of ways to lose your house. Some of them are financial, some of them are karma… Be careful motherfucker, be really careful.”

Perelman’s comments were in response to an unnamed executive quoted in another Deadline article. Discussing the studios’ negotiation strategy, the executive reportedly said, “The end game is to let things continue until the syndicate members start losing their apartments and losing their homes.”

“We know who said that, and where they live,” Perelman said during an Instagram Live on Friday. “You wish that on people… you wish that on people while you’re making $27 million a year for not creating anything? Be careful motherfucker, be really careful, ’cause that’s the kind of shit that kicks shit.”


After Perelman’s comments went viral, the actor made it clear that he was not advocating violence. “I got really hot because I was talking about a quote from one of the CEOs on the other side of the negotiation. So as you can imagine my reaction to someone wishing this kind of damage in the very industry they call their own industry would generate a response. I want to Clarify something: I wish no harm to anyone. I hope the idiot who made this comment also wishes no harm to anyone.”

“But let’s maintain a degree of humanity,” Perlman continued, “It can’t be all about your damn Porsche and damn stock prices. There has to be dignity if we’re going to hold up the mirror and reflect the human experience… All you’re doing is killing what is.” Beautiful in this country by putting a price on everything. This blow is about human dignity.”

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