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Criticism of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit

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“date”, According to a press release from the Elysée, many others denounced it, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to France, during the July 14 parade, sparked many reactions. In a tweet posted on May 5, Emmanuel Macron rejoiced, in French and Hindi, at the state of affairs” Guest of honor “ Prime Minister of India. In a few weeks, Narendra Modi has traveled to Australia and the United States. These many trips are part of a The general dynamics of Indian politics. Closer ties with Western countries, explains Melissa Levian, who specializes in India and security issues in the Indo-Pacific.

While some see this invitation as a way to celebrate the partnership made by President Jacques Chirac twenty-five years ago and to ensure a lasting diplomatic relationship with India, others see this visit to France during a national event like July 14 as a visit “Fatal error” , According to a platform signed by several environmental figures, including Marine Tondelaere, European Environment Minister – The Greens, and published by “Liberation” on May 10. You either have to be completely ignorant of the subcontinent’s current internal political context or be completely cynical to make Mr Modi the guest of honor of the French Republic on its most symbolic day of the year,” Write down the two locations.

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whom we call” The world’s largest democracy “has been for several years now in the hands of a central government and prime minister, Narendra Modi, who, since coming to power in 2014, has enjoyed a popularity never reached that of any elected Indian official: about 77% of the opinion is in favour. But the leader of the Bharatiya Party Janata Hindu fanatic, present in 14 out of 28 states of the Federal Republic of India, He is regularly accused of carrying out a repressive domestic policy against religious minorities, especially Muslims.

On the occasion of the Universal Periodic Review of the UN Human Rights Council in November 2022, several recommendations have been made to India on the issue of human rights, which is considered problematic. According to Amnesty International, Narendra Modi’s government is responsible for this deterioration in freedoms. Bharatiya Janata Party is based on “The ideological and cultural hegemony of Hinduism and carries a rhetoric that promotes law and order internally, and nationalism and sovereignty externally,” writing Philippe Humbert is an expert associated with the Jean Jaurès Foundation and a member of the Asia Pacific Observatory.

Domestic politics is very different from the international picture

This is amazing “ideological hegemony” It translates into a restriction of freedom of the press and a fierce struggle against political or religious opponents. On June 25, 2022, the Anti-Terrorism Division of Police in Gujarat, a western Indian state, arrested Teesta Setalvad, journalist and Secretary of Citizens for Justice and Peace. The association has been committed for years, particularly in the Gujarat region, to fight against attacks against Muslims. In the aftermath of the 2002 riots targeting the Muslim population of this region in western India, the Citizens Association for Justice and Peace tried, by all means, to prove the responsibility of several high-ranking officials, including the former head of the Gujarat government, Narendra Modi, himself. .

The contradiction between the repressive domestic policy pursued by the Indian prime minister and the image he is trying to present to himself in the international arena is intensifying. A few days after the arrest of Teesta Setalvad, Narendra Modi, who participated in the Group of Seven In Germany, she did not hesitate to commit To protect the freedom, independence and diversity of civil society actors […]And Freedom of expression and opinion on and off the Internet.

sequel after announcement

Emmanuel Macron must break his silence on the widespread abuses in India

French diplomacy never wanted to interfere in Indian internal affairs. under the pretext of respecting the sovereignty of a democratic country.” Ingrid Fortunes, journalist and India specialist, confirms. The authorities even moved the planned locations for an organized demonstration three times, on Friday, July 14 “By Indian dissidents to protest the arrival of Narendra Modi”. This day is also the celebration of the storming of the Bastille and thus some of the founding values ​​of the French Republic, she explained. Receiving an authoritarian head of state who violates human rights as a guest of honor on a day that is supposed to celebrate our republican values ​​is a complete contradiction in terms of values ​​and principles.” For a journalist, it is “The deepest form of realpolitik”, This concept was born on the 19thH century that defines to leave of One of his ideals in order to ensure good international relations.

French-Indian friendship based on nuclear tests

India has become a major country in the international arena. It is now the fifth economic power and the most populous in the world, ahead of China, with a population of 1.412 billion and expected to reach 1.7 billion by 2060. The two sides are now courting the country, “As has not happened since the beginning of the Cold War,” Berenice Guyot-Richard is a lecturer in contemporary history at King’s College London who specializes in the Indian subcontinent. India strives to boost its trade, and does not like to be seen as a counterbalance to China, which it still relies heavily on in trade, and wants to be a full partner to the Western world. She continues. And Ingrid Riches adds:

India wants to become a major economic partner and free itself from all forms of dependence economic. We’ve been talking about it for forty years as an emerging country,” Add.

Then there is the “French-Indian Friendship,” concluded twenty-five years ago. “The arrival of Narendra Modi is also an opportunity to celebrate twenty-five years of partnership between France and India,” he said. Melissa Levian says: Travel to India January 1998 Jacques Chirac delivers a crucial speech in New Delhi on French-Indian relations. “I have come to suggest to you that we build a strong relationship between our two countries, a global partnership built on our complementarities and our common interests,” He said.

“Indo-French friendship originated in 1970 when India conducted its first nuclear tests,” Remember Ingrid Riches. Over the course of the French presidents, the partnership on armaments and nuclear between the two countries has been strengthened. In the 1970s, France did not hesitate to side with India, which was condemned by the United States for its nuclear tests. This pivotal moment allowed France to position itself as a strategic partner. Melissa Levian notes.

Our friend, the “nationalist populist” Indian Prime Minister

Under the leadership of François Hollande, in 2015, the French public group Areva announced the signing of a contract with India that would allow the construction of nuclear reactors. On Thursday, on the eve of the visit, India gave its approval in principle to France’s purchase of 26 Rafale fighter jets from Dassault, in the naval version for aircraft carriers, and three Scorpene-class submarines. This partnership has developed in all areas of defense and deterrence. Melissa Levian notes. In a press release issued on Thursday, July 13, Narendra Modi said the same Convinced that [s]His visit will give a new impetus [au] strategic partnership between France and India.

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