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Casseroles, Annecy attack, riots … “100 days” of appeasement Macron is very upset

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hundred days to relaunch its second five-year term and move forward. This was the promise that Emmanuel Macron made to the French on April 17, during a televised speech. the goal ? The closure of the crisis opened after the adoption of the forceps, by 49.3, the pension reform, which led to the return of the retirement age to 64 years.

After three months of historic mobilization against reform, the time has come “Calm, unity and action”, The chief reassured. However, between the apparent enthusiasm of the executive authority and the facts on the ground, Emmanuel Macron and the government faced a series of unexpected events that marred the return of the grace of power.

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Mid-April, early May: field time…and casseroles

Quoting our colleagues from Parisienne, Emmanuel Macron would have told his teams what he wanted “Bring back muscle with the French”, Shortly after his speech on April 17. A few days later, still with the “Parisian”, the head of state admits that he is “It must be more [s]and get wet.”

Where does the movement of pans come from?

A new chain of political contacts is then opened: Emmanuel Macron, cautiously for weeks, wants to leave the Elysee and reconnect with the French.

In the week of April 17-23, the head of state continues to travel outside of Paris. But on the ground, greeted by the shouts, the commas, the barbs from the irked citizens, Emmanuel Macron faces the country’s wrath. And in casseroles, these parties were staged, somewhat spontaneously, to cover the presidential address. From Pap Ndiaye to Elisabeth Borne, via Rima Abdul Malik, no executive member can go out in public without being harassed.

“It is not the pots that will make France move forward,” Screaming Head of State, on April 19, during his maiden voyage. At the Stade de France, on Saturday 29 April, Emmanuel Macron avoided a stormy welcome to the Coupe de France final at the expense of banning a trade union gathering near the stadium. Players shake hands and run down the aisles, dodging the whistles.

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May – June: optimism ads in the face of firm opposition

Moving forward – the new motto of the Elysée and the government – on April 27 the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Bourne, will unveil a roadmap of upcoming projects for 100 days.

The text on immigration was postponed because there was no majority in the House. The Macronist then focuses on the economy, the everyday problems of the French: a law of “full employment”, another “on value sharing”, new measures of purchasing power…

While Olivier Duspot, the Minister of Labor, and Elizabeth Bourne left to manage the pension file, Emmanuel Macron was in charge of the announcements this time around. the goal? Bring in the spirit of optimism, and reconnect with the spirit of the ’emerging nation’, by putting topics for the future on the agenda.

Focus on vocational school reform, then industrialization. On May 11, Emmanuel Macron revealed his strategy to “prepare France” for tomorrow, during a speech at the Elysee Palace in front of business leaders. Supporting green industries and creating new sectors… The president wants to put France into the future. On May 15th, he goes to the Select France summit with the aim of attracting investors, and then doubles down on his trips to factories.

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In Annecy, following in the footsteps of Abdel Christ h.

But the opposition, especially from the left, refuses to move forward. And it strives to prolong the battle for pensions as much as possible. On the street mobilize 1anyMay is the size. This is from the 6th to the 14th of JuneH Mobilization Day Against Reform – It is certainly more limited, but the fight continues in the Assembly across parliamentary standing from the Leuty group who introduced a bill to repeal the reform. Opponents see it as an opportunity for MPs to express their opinion on Emmanuel Macron’s reform. ace. The bill was largely dismantled in committee, and finally pulled by Liot’s group.

A few hours later, a knife attack in Annecy plunged France into fear. That Thursday, in Haute-Savoie, a man stabbed six people, including four children. Aggression temporarily brings immigration back to the heart of the debate. Republicans, who were already on the offensive in May on the issue, as well as the national caucus, are jumping onto the topic to demand asylum reform. But in the face of the profile of the suspect – a Christian from Syria who sought refuge in Sweden and entered France on a regular basis – the proposals were not printed.

The Executive quickly caught up on the matter: Elizabeth Bourne, the Prime Minister, as well as Gerald Darmanin, the Home Secretary, were quickly dispatched to the scene.

End of June – July 14: From Marseille’s momentum to riots

Monday 26 June, less than three weeks before the end of the “hundred days”, Emmanuel Macron went to Marseille. He wants to present the second chapter of the “Marseille en grand” plan, launched during the first five-year period. Above all, it is an opportunity for the head of state to get on the ground, educate, and give a boost to his mandate. It’s about city politics, neighborhoods in difficulty, public services, and delinquency.

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The sequence is quickly overshadowed by the death of young Nael. Tuesday 27 June, on the second day of the Head of State’s visit to Marseille, Nahil, a 17-year-old motorist, was killed in Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine) by police gunfire. The video, which was filmed by an amateur and posted on Twitter, is going viral across France. The emotion is immediate.

After the first night of rioting in Nanterre, urban violence broke out across the country. Clashes with the police, mortar fire, car fires… For a week, France has been awake counting the damage. Emmanuel Macron returns from Marseille and must adjust his schedule. cancels, 1any July, trip to Germany.

A hundred days after Emmanuel Macron’s speech, France celebrates July 14th in great tension, without presidential speeches, and far from the appeasement that Emmanuel Macron wanted. The fear of seeing riots re-emerge angers the executive and the government. Another crisis chased.

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