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Interview with the political scientist Rachid Benzine

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What lessons do you draw from the riots that shook France after Nahil’s death in Nanterre?

Rashid Benzin Unfortunately, it was expected. Since the march for equality and what I denounced [la marche pour l’égalité et contre le racisme, surnommée « la Marche des beurs », en 1983, NDLR]And It’s like we’re at the same point and we haven’t learned anything. What explains this inaction? In my opinion, there are many issues that need to be dealt with, including the relationship between the police and the population and the rights granted to the police since the attacks, which are problematic. Above all, there is an ill-conceived colonialism in the history of the police, which continues to fuel representations of young people who are seen as dangerous. We have not done enough work on this subject because justice and the state need the police. Politicians often think of their voters first before

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