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Feline Rep. Marc Ferracci, rapporteur of France Travel and Full Employment Law, suspects a conflict of interest

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The Socialists and former MP Marc Ferracci himself, co-rapporteur of the bill for full employmentthe Ethics Officer of the National Assembly has been seized at the risk of conflicts of interest for the Macronian national team, we learned on Thursday 13 July from these parliamentarians.

This text, under consideration by the National Assembly in October, should generate a France Travail network, including Pôle emploi as the main operator, to improve coordination between the actors of the Public Employment Service.

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The Blast news site claims that this development “Pierre Veracci will benefit personally”father of Marc Ferracci, and also to the latter, which he denies. “no topic”He told AFP.

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‘Unacceptable mix of genres’

Pierre Ferracci, at the head of the powerful Alpha group that advises job boards, became indirectly involved “The main private operator of Pôle Employ” It will grow its business with France Travail, according to Blast. But Marc Ferracci confirms these assurances “It’s just a mistake”Alpha Group has no activity or alliance with regard to the recruitment markets for job seekers in Pôle Emploi, or France Travail tomorrow.

With France Travail, the government wants to promote the employment of disabled workers in the normal environment

Close to Emmanuel Macron, Vice (Renaissance) of the French in Switzerland and Liechtenstein for a year he was a former privy councilor to Muriel Pinicaud in the Ministry of Labour, where he inspired work orders and the first reform of unemployment insurance. Blast notes that he owns 35% of Icare Finance, his father’s holding company.

On Twitter, the President of the Republic’s deputies, Olivier Marlix, criticized A ‘Unacceptable mix of genres’.

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Twitter – 🇫🇷 Oliver Marlix on Twitter

Marc Veracci withdrawal request

In a letter to the head of the Society’s Social Affairs Committee, Fadela Al-Khattabi, republished on Twitter, he was requested by Socialist Party deputy Arthur Delaporte and group head Boris Faloud Immediately contact the Ethics Officer. from the institution so that Determine whether there is a conflict of interest or risk of a conflict of interest..

Meanwhile, they demanded that Marc Ferracci be removed from his job as co-rapporteur of the bill “full employment”.

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lament a “harness” by ‘Opposition on all sides’ who do not have “Credible proposals to lead France towards full employment”the person concerned indicated that he had already contacted the Ethics Officer on Wednesday, upon his appointment as co-rapporteur, for “Leave no doubt”. Mark Ferracci “Take his opinion into consideration.”.

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“Particularly sensitive to the issue of conflicts of interest”he had already planned not to intervene on the part of the bill dedicated to France Travail, but on that part devoted to the rights and duties of job seekers.

National Assembly Speaker Yael Braun-Biveh confirmed in a press release that it is “particularly linked” to “prevent conflict of interest”. “The independence of the ethics officer is a fundamental guarantee.” And “Mechanisms related to compliance with ethics codes are working.”she added.

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