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The Senate adopts in the first reading the “full employment” bill

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The Senate, with a right-wing majority, adopted the bill on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, July 12, in first reading. for full employment, which should provide more directive monitoring of RSA recipients. The vote was obtained by 250 votes “for” and 91 ” against “ (The three groups are on the left).

It will be carried by Labor Minister Olivier Dussopt. This law will not be examined by the National Assembly until the fall. This should lead to the emergence of the France Travail network, including Pôle emploi as the main operator, to improve coordination between the actors of the Public Employment Service.

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What if Paul Employ asked “What do you know how to do?”, and not “What job are you looking for?”

The executive is betting on this transformation to achieve full employment, that is, an unemployment rate of about 5% in 2027 (against 7.1% currently), on the back of the idea that “No one is unemployed”.

A mandatory activity for RSA recipients

In concrete terms, it states that in addition to people looking for work, recipients of Active Solidarity Income (RSA) as well as their spouses, young people tracked by local missions will be automatically enrolled in the list of job seekers.

Circulate to all these people a “employment contract”toughened by the senators: they stipulated that this contract should specify a weekly duration of at least 15 hours of activity (immersion, refresher courses, resume writing, etc.), while the government would like to retain some flexibility to take into account Take into account special situations.

To “enable”, “support” or “punish”, RSA recipients are in the crosshairs

at the same The logic of rights and dutiesThe text makes it easier to apply penalties to beneficiaries who do not honor their obligations, with a new procedure called “refill comment”.

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disability and early childhood

The text contains two other sections: one aimed at improving access for persons with disabilities to work in the regular environment and the other on early childhood which recognizes municipalities as “organizing authorities” Reception, with the aim of identifying needs, informing families and building up the supply.

This last part was heavily modified by the senators, with omissions “National Strategy” Which the government wants to put in place and ease the restrictions that burden small municipalities.

Early childhood, major crisis

Regarding disability, the Senate voted on a government amendment that was created digital backpack which will follow the arrangements that workers with disabilities have benefited from during their lives, in order to facilitate their mobility.

Philip Mueller (LR) was glad the script was, too “Deeply redesigned to combat modern system implementation”. On the left, the socialist Emilien Pomerol judged that “Puts the responsibility for unemployment on the shoulders of the most vulnerable in life”. Ecologist Raymond-Poncet Monge challenged Olivier Dusupet, famous for the occasion “Minister of Labour” : “When are you going to talk about work?”she asked.

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