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Mobilization of 45,000 policemen and gendarmes on the occasion of the National Day, an “extraordinary body”

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muscular system On Wednesday 12 July, Minister of the Interior Gerald Darmanin announced the publication of A “extraordinary device” 45,000 police and gendarmerie on the nights of July 13th and 14th to prevent accidents during the National Day.

This posting takes “Same modus operandi as during the riots” which followed the killing of the young Nael, who was killed by a policeman in Nanterre on June 27, and will include elite units of RAID, GIGN and BRI as well as helicopters and armored vehicles of the Gendarmerie in cities “hardest hit”Gerald Darmanin added to the press.

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From the evening of July 13 to the morning of July 15, a total of 130,000 “Police, Gendarmerie and Agents” And 40,000 firefighters will be mobilized per night, according to the minister.

“Systematic detention”

And the Paris police headquarters said that 10,000 police personnel will be deployed in the capital, where a concert is scheduled for the Trocadero and a traditional fireworks show on the Champs-Elysees de Mars and departments of the Little Crown.

“It is a matter of ensuring the utmost security so that our citizens may enjoy the celebration without suffering the inconvenience of a few criminals and great firmness towards those who would spoil these nights of national celebrations with systematic arrest warrants, as I have given them » On riotous nights, the minister said.

After the riots, lessons learned from the wildfire

Across the country, with few exceptions, buses and trams will stop again in the early evening.

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The authorities also want to implement the decree banning the sale “mortars” Fireworks, incl “150 000” Gerald Darmanin announced that copies had been seized since June 27.

In some municipalities cancel holidays

Finally, the demonstrations related to riotsAccording to the minister, such as the one that the Adama Traoré Committee wanted to organize last Saturday to denounce police violence, may be banned at the request of the governors until July 15th.

Several municipalities, particularly in Ile-de-France (Nanterre, Gennevilliers, Sartruville or Savigny-sur-Orge) and in the north (in particular Roubaix and Mons-en-Baroeul), have chosen to abolish their traffic lights. stunt, or even all the celebrations planned for the National Day.

In Nanterre, with angry parents of young people: “No matter how high they teach, they pull each other out among themselves”

In 2022, 807 people were arrested during incidents across the country on the sidelines of July 14th festivities, 749 vehicles burned and 55 law enforcement officers injured, Gerald Darmanin recalls.

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Macron promises to act “firmly” in case of “excesses”

The head of state promised to act “with the greatest persistence” in case “surplus” during the July 14 celebrations, insisting, after several days of riots in France at the end of June, on the fact that “republican system” Should be “respected everywhere”.

Tranquility is a condition for everything, and respect for the republican system, which I affirmed very clearly a hundred days ago, must be respected everywhere. That is why, if there is any excess, we will intervene with the greatest determination so that all our fellow citizens may live in peace.– answered the head of state during a press conference following the NATO summit in Vilnius.

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