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Hugh Edwards, the BBC’s star presenter, is targeted with sexual charges

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The identity of the main protagonist of the scandal that has rocked the UK for several days is now known. On the evening of Wednesday 12 July, his wife, Hugh Edwards, a star presenter on the BBC, chose to target the journalist for several days with sexual charges.

“I make this statement on behalf of my husband Hu Edwards, after five very difficult days for our family.”wrote his wife, Vicky Flend, in a press release for the British PA agency, referring to her husband’s problems with depression.

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“Once he is in a position to do so, he intends to respond to articles that have been published.”Vicki Flend said, noting that he learned of the charges on Thursday.

The BBC has been in turmoil since The Sun newspaper reported on Friday that a star BBC presenter had paid a minor for a pornographic picture. Other accusations of threatening or abusive behavior have been leveled in recent days.

Accused of “ruining the life” of a teenager

And “The Sun” published the testimony of a mother accusing this star presenter, without naming him, that he gave several tens of thousands of pounds to her child, who was 17 years old at the time, in exchange for pictures of a sexual nature, without specifying. Whether it’s a boy or a girl. The mother accused the presenter “ruins life” Her child, now 20, who is three years later “Ghost addicted to crack”.

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On Monday, The Sun claimed that its presenter, “One of the biggest stars of the BBC”spent last week “two panic calls” for young people. He was going to tell her to call her mother “stop the investigation”.

The identity of the target presenter became an increasingly open secret, and Huw Edwards’ name was spread widely on social networks. The BBC on Sunday suspended the star presenter of the UK’s 10pm newspaper, the 61-year-old journalist, who announced to the world the Queen’s death last October.

For its part, the London police indicated, on Wednesday evening, that no criminal offense had apparently been committed in the context of this case, which has been in the headlines for five days.

“In reaching this decision, (the officers) spoke to a number of parties, including the BBC, the alleged complainant and his family.”London police said in a statement. “There is no further action by the police.”

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Suspended presenter

The political class reacted forcefully. On Monday, on the BBC, Justice Secretary Alex Chalke questioned the BBC’s decision not to suspend the broadcaster for the first disclosure. “Once such serious and troubling allegations are made and brought to the attention of the BBC, I expect there will be comment.”did he say.

Shortly after an emergency phone call between Culture Secretary Lucy Fraser and CEO of the public broadcasting giant Tim Davey, the BBC said in a statement on Sunday. “a member of its workforce has been suspended.” And that group “Strives to establish facts as quickly as possible”.

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The BBC has already been hit by serious sex scandals. Foremost among them is the Jimmy Savile affair, which broke out in 2012, a year after that star animator’s death. This man was a sexual predator, perpetrator of rape and sexual abuse of minors for decades.

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