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The majority in the House calls for sanctions to be imposed on the deputies present at the rally in favor of Adama Traoré

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The three groups of the presidential majority in the National Assembly called, Tuesday 11 July, on the President of the Foundation to punish the left-wing deputies who participated in the banned rally to commemorate Adama Traoré.

About 2,000 people, including 12 deputies from the LFI and EELV parties, marched through Paris on Saturday to pay their respects to the 24-year-old, who died seven years ago shortly after his arrest by the gendarmerie. The gathering was banned by the police command, citing fears of public unrest after the recent violence in the cities.

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“I accuse…!” Assa Traoré in front of the Paris court

“Article 70, Paragraph 2, of our Rules provides, however, that any member of the Association who engages in disorderly demonstrations may be subject to disciplinary penalties.”On Tuesday, the heads of the three presidential camp groups — Aurore Bergé (Renaissance), Jean-Paul Mattei (MoDem) and Laurent Marcangeli (Horizons) — wrote in a letter to Yael Brown (Renaissance) president of the Axis.

“very dangerous”

This article states that any member of the association You may be subject to disciplinary penalties. by giving up Demonstrations to disturb the peace of the regime or if it is “causes a noisy scene”.

“The article says that the chairman of the meeting has the power to punish when there is a disturbance of public order, but not a disturbance of public order: a disturbance in the proper functioning of the discussions” At the Assembly, Socialist MP Arthur Delaporte responded at a press conference.

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Death of Nael: For thirty years, French rap has been on the front lines against police violence

Unlike that, “The association will replace justice, and this is very dangerous.”The elected Calvados insisted.

Everyone hates the police.

The three signatories to the letter request a referral to the Foundation’s office for a decision on possible penalties. They deplore the fact that “The deputies wore their tricolor sash on this occasion and maintained their presence in a demonstration that carried the slogan ‘Everyone hates the police’.”Citing elected officials by name, such as LFI Group Chair Mathilde Bannot, LFI Finance Commission Chair Eric Cockerell or environmental scientist Sandrine Rousseau.

Nael’s Death: Beyond Anger

“It is a slogan that has been echoed for years, and no one has held the deputies who participated in these demonstrations accountable. It is amazing.”denounced AFP Eric Cockerell. “In these cases, I will hold accountable all the deputies who have praised the far-right unions who have made it clear that justice is a problem for the National Assembly.”He continued, referring to a 2021 police union protest involving elected officials.

“By forbidding everything that disturbs you, you are stifling democracy”ecologist Sophie Taily-Polyan, on Twitter.

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Twitter – Sophie Taily Polian on Twitter

In November, thirty-six deputies from the majority (Ennahda and MoDem) called in vain “Penalties” The National Assembly against the deputies participating in the outlawed demonstrations, by targeting in particular the environmentalists who took part in those demonstrations in Saint-Sollen against the water retention project.

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