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How does the government want to tackle homophobia and LGBT hatred?

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While the number of anti-LGBT actions has continued to increase since 2016 (+129%) Isabelle Roma, Minister Delegate for Equality between Women and Men, unveiled the main measures for a new fight against homophobia and discrimination in Parisian columns, this Monday, July 10.

· Why plan to fight LGBTphobia?

Recorded physical attacks against LGBT people are up almost 28% compared to 2021 (an attack condemned every two days according to SOS Homophobia). In the face of this observation, the government has announced that it is taking about a hundred measures to combat discrimination and hatred that LGBT people are victims of. These measures are part of the continuity, according to the minister: “ The war against anti-LGBTQ hate has been waged since the first five-year term of Emmanuel Macron with the ban on conversion therapy in particular. PMA “for everyone” in 2021, equal access to blood donation for gay and bisexual men … If some laws are already expanded to combat verbal and physical abuse and discrimination against the LGBT + community, the associations continue to warn of the urgency of the situation. And the many dramas that have occurred again this year, such as the recent suicide of young Lucas, prove them right.

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What does the anti-LGBT action plan include?

At the police station, at sports, at school, etc. The measures aim to improve management of the LGBT community’s problems on a day-to-day basis. And this first passes through justice and the police. Therefore, “enhanced” training for the police and gendarmerie is provided for in the plan. ” he […] It is imperative that these institutions abide by the duty of model and take full measures against LGBT violence. And the SOS Association called out homophobia in its May 2023 report. In France, only 20% of victims of threats or violence and 5% of victims of insults filed a complaint.

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Before the judiciary, an additional punishment for perpetrators of insulting or discriminatory statements: excluding them from sports stadiums. ” Too often, we notice homophobic signs and hear slogans and songs. They are crimes! » Mention the Minister of Equality between Women and Men in the columns of Le Parisien.

By 2027, ten new LGBT+ centers will open their doors, funded by an envelope of €7 million. The goal: to cover the entire territory, including the outer and rural areas. “sWhen you live in Paris and reveal your homosexuality to your family, it’s not like living in Vaulx-en-Velin (Rhône) or Brive-la-Gaillarde (Couriez) The minister emphasizes the “Parisian”. There are now 35 information and support centers in France.

The plan also provides for more comprehensive administrative forms. From the beginning of the next academic year, students from same-sex families will be able to indicate to the administration that they have two parents of the same sex. A petit geste, qui a pourtant une crucial importance dans ce qui peut alors constituer une «micro-agression » (situations, comportements or propos d’apparence banale, du quotidien, qui expriment envers une personne d’une marginalized communauté un message pejoratif ou hostile).

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Among the main measures of the project, a leaflet on alternatives to mutilation experienced by intersex people will also be distributed to parents.

What are the disadvantages of this plan?

Regarding this circular, the Le Refuge association, in the voice of its general director Pacôme Rupin, invokes “L’Obs” a ” Advanced, which makes it possible to recognize the existence of these practices and that they are called “mutilation” But he laments the fact that banning surgeries being performed, particularly on children, is not part of the plan: This type of operation must be chosen by the person concerned, as soon as he is able to make his choices in an informed and free manner. »

“You have to get out of the duality, and go into all the complexities that can be present in these masculine and feminine poles, which are found in nature!” recalls the general director of Le Refuge.

On issues related to homophobia, Backum Rubin does not see a “miracle procedure” and hopes that the government ” Place the package on the awareness of the general public, and all state agencies that may be in contact with it The director particularly regrets the lack of support in this plan of action for managers of institutions who are responsible for conducting workshops to raise awareness of issues of sexual orientation. There is pressure from parents who may be aggressive when the school decides to bring up the topic “.

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As for the measures related to infringement, the association regrets that the issue of the judicialization of the change of civil status was not raised. ” We need a simplified administrative procedure The director summarizes. Today, to change sex by law, a transgender must appear before a judge, which involves a decision made by a third party, and more or less long delays.

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