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Government plan to fight this model

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The government wants “fight with determination” The economic model of the famous Chinese fast fashion company for which he is responsible ‘Colossal damage’ Whether for the environment, for people or for the textile sector.

On Tuesday 11 July, Berangiere Couillard, Secretary of State for the Environment, denounced a fast-fashion model “Devastating for our planet, for the human conditions in the countries that host their production and also devastating for the textile sector, which may never recover.”during a visit to Paris to the headquarters of responsible fashion incubator La Caserne.

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Couillard tweet

With the aim of establishing in 2024 a “environmental assessment”Calculation of the environmental impact of the textile sector that the relevant companies will display on their sites, the government will do “a ground to find a good amalgamation” BĂ©rangère Couillard demonstrates the defining segment of fast fashion, based on the rapid renewal of collections at extremely low prices.

Xin, the Chinese fast-fashion giant and our mirror of mystery, is once again creating a buzz

proposed tax

The width of this environmental indicator will be “credible to consumers” without “terrify” Industrial, confirmed. This result should contribute to “to denounce” The economic model on which SheIn is based, a brand that crystallizes criticism of authorities and public associations of its magnitude and which, according to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, supports ‘A very strong responsibility’.

In June, the NGO Friends of the Earth highlighted the environmental and social impact “disastrous” From Shein, which is presented according to its report “470,000 models available in real time” On its site – volumes “astronomical”, without a common scale with conventional signs. SHEIN is also accused of forced labor, plagiarism and incitement to excessive consumption.

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Fast Fashion: “Shein has a social responsibility and we know that”

Higher taxes on products that come from the other side of the world. Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire also envisages in order to avoid “Imports that can arrive at unbeatable prices”Beranger-Couillard explained.

Founded in 2012 in China and headquartered in Singapore, the company sells online only and targets young customers around the world. In 2021, its sales jumped 60%, pushing its turnover to $16 billion, according to Bloomberg, thus hot on the heels of Sweden’s H&M.

The brand confirmed in May, in an interview with AFP, that it is a manufacturer ” Upon request “And “able to measure it very precisely”which makes it possible to significantly reduce it ” violent “ Unsold products thus produce waste.

Repair Bonus will be applied soon

During her visit, the Secretary of State also announced a bounty to “fix it” Textile products. This must be implemented “starting in october” To encourage customers to repair their clothes or shoes instead of buying new ones.

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this “reward bonus” From the textile sector, 154 million euros will be granted during the period 2023-2028, and the Foreign Minister’s office had previously explained to AFP.

Shein pop-up opens in Paris: “New generations are born with the illusion that clothes can cost 5 euros”

Minister of Foreign Affairs “Invite all sewing workshops and shoemakers to join the system, to be marked” By the environmental organization Refashion, which manages the fund and state label. Help can be, for example, seven euros for a heel re-heel and up to 10 to 25 euros for a lining.

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