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The paradox of ETIs in France: a study reveals their economic impact

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Do we really know what ETIs are? The answer is very accurate, according to a recent study by Talentia* on the French’s perception of medium-sized companies, which nonetheless play an important role as economic lungs anchored in regions and large employers.

A paradoxically unknown business class

Although they represent less than 5% of companies in France, ETIs concentrate a quarter of the salaried workforce and generate nearly 30% of all companies’ turnover. One of the categories defined by the Economic Modernization Act of 2008 is between small and medium-sized companies, start-ups or large companies, which for half of the population remains a mystery. Blame the stereotypes that still exist in every corporate category: Large corporations are often seen as playing an international role, but criticized for their lack of humanity. Startups arouse distrust, even though they are recognized for their innovation excellence. On the one hand, small and medium-sized enterprises are champions of well-being at work and engines of the French economy. As for ETIs, they remain in the shadows, barely visible and rarely mentioned in the media according to only 9% of the French, compared to 45% for start-ups and 65% for large companies.

major economic player

Lack of knowledge, which does not prevent the French from having a “positive intuition towards ETIs” according to the study which reveals that two-thirds of the people questioned – once informed of the definition of the acronym ETI – have a good opinion of these businesses. In particular, they recognize their positive impact on employment, youth training, innovation and re-manufacturing. A large majority (71% of respondents) would consider working within an ETI, thus overriding the appeal of large groups (54%) and startups (56%). But only 20% of French people associate ETIs with the international dimension, even though they generate 33% of the turnover of all French companies. And only 1 in 5 participants will see themselves investing in an ETI, highlighting the untapped investment potential.

Targeted communications to promote ETIs

Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s? While small and medium companies are valued for their pleasant social atmosphere and large companies are valued for their international openness, ETIs suffer from this “between two models” image when they can serve as role models for smaller companies. With the ambition of growth and internationalization. Pierre Pollet, CEO of Talentia Software, insists on the need to raise awareness of ETIs as “the best of both worlds” via a national strategy combined with enhanced vision. “Now is the time to raise awareness of their unknown influence and reveal their critical and underappreciated potential to create a clear and impressive picture of ETIs. ETIs are key economic players, ready to contribute fully to the growth and dynamism of France. It will therefore be necessary to continue the educational work and grant these The companies deserve the recognition for their crucial role in the French economy.

* Talentia Study (Software solutions publisher specializing in Finance, CPM, Payroll, HR for ETI) in partnership with Poll & Roll

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