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The “full employment” bill is in plain sight in the Senate

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The right-wing Senate is working as of Monday, July 10, on the bill for full employmentwhich should establish more directive control for RSA recipients and would face vocal opposition from the left.

A total of 500 amendments will be debated by Thursday on that text, the last on the Senate’s agenda before the summer recess. It will, in turn, be examined by the National Assembly in its first reading in the fall.

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The goal of full employment

Carried by the Minister of Labor Olivier Dussoppet, the France Travail network, including Pôle emploi as the main operator, should give birth to a better coordination between the actors of the public employment service.

The executive is betting on this transformation to achieve full employment, that is, an unemployment rate of about 5% in 2027 (against 7.1% currently), on the back of the idea that “No one is unemployed”.

What if Paul Employ asked “What do you know how to do?”, instead of “What job are you looking for?”

In concrete terms, it is about getting the same entry procedure for all people looking for work or having difficulties integrating, no matter what door they knock on.

A mandatory activity for RSA recipients

Today only 40% of active solidarity income (RSA) recipients are in Pôle Emploi.

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Each France Travail member will sign “commitment contract”including RSA beneficiaries and youth monitored by local missions.

In this context, renewed support for RSA recipients is now being tested in 18 departments with the sensitive issue of 15 to 20 hours of activity per week (immersion in courses, refresher courses, resume writing, etc.).

‘True solidarity helps out’ From the Republic of South Africa, Olivier Dussopp appealed on Monday in the General Senate.

The senators on the committee stipulated that this contract specified a weekly limit of at least 15 hours of activity, while the government preferred flexibility to accommodate specific situations.

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To “enable”, “support” or “punish”, RSA recipients are in the crosshairs

at the same The logic of rights and dutiesThe bill makes it easier to apply penalties to beneficiaries who fail to meet their obligations.

Prior to the deregistration pivot — little applies — payment of active solidarity income may be suspended in the event of a breach, with a retroactive settlement when the person honors their obligations again. The senators set three months of RSA amounts that could thus be paid retroactively.

“social, economic and symbolic violence”

Two rejection proposals were presented as a whole about this law which should witness a collision between two visions of society.

For the environmental group, this text, “What should have been called ‘full employment at all costs,’ reflects the logic of the executive branch and the presidential minority: get everyone to work, no matter what kind of job.”. It ignores the social, economic and symbolic violence that this text will inflict on the most vulnerable. »

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Socialists are “Strongly Contradicts the Philosophy of the Text”Pointing like the communists ‘The most dangerous logic of stigmatization’.

For the text rapporteur in the Senate Pascal Groni (LR), “Full employment can only be achieved provided support is implemented that gives real content to the rights and duties of job seekers”.

On his initiative, the senators retained the name Pôle emploi, to “to avoid confusion” With the France Travel network. The government had planned for Pôle emploi to call itself France Travail on January 1, 2024 and to be the main operator of this network.

Disabled workers: “What do you think when your fund pays you 10% of the minimum wage?”

The text contains two other sections: one aimed at improving access for persons with disabilities to work in the regular environment and the other on early childhood which recognizes municipalities as “organizing authorities” Reception, with the aim of identifying needs, informing families and building up the supply.

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