Home Politics Sandrine Rousseau (EELV deputy) is targeted by an investigation into the conditions for her registration on the electoral lists

Sandrine Rousseau (EELV deputy) is targeted by an investigation into the conditions for her registration on the electoral lists

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An investigation was opened after the complaint of the activist Europe Ecologie Les Verts (EELV) Claire Monod against the registration of Sandrine Rousseau on the electoral lists in Paris, then invested in the 2022 legislative elections and then elected deputy, which she indicated on Monday 10 July that the floor.

The prosecution said that the investigation was opened in early June regarding improper registration in an electoral list with a forged declaration or a forged certificate, and was entrusted to the Persons Delinquency Suppression Brigade, confirming the information received from the “Paris Match”. “Let justice do its job. Very well.”In reply to AFP Sandrine Rousseau.

sequel after announcement

Sandrine Rousseau “vehemently” denies

“As an elected representative of the Republic who respects the independence of the judiciary, our client intends that the prosecution conduct this investigation under the best conditions.”said one of his lawyers, Elodie Toillon-Hibon.

Sandrine Rousseau, Permanent Enhancer

Me Tuaillon-Hibon added that member “(vehemently denied) the malicious allegations made against him.” And “Make herself available to justice and in this context will answer all questions that will be put to her.”.

“We hope that the investigation will be swift, so that light may be shed on the terms of Sandrine Rousseau’s election”Jerome Carcenti, attorney for Claire Monod, assured me.

An alleged forged residence certificate

This investigation comes on the heels of a complaint filed in mid-June by the environmental activist Denounced “Unjustified registration on the electoral lists” by Sandrine Rousseau. Claire Monod’s candidacy for the EELV legislative elections in 2022 was rejected in favor of the candidacy of Sandrine Rousseau, while the latter “He lives, works and is active in Lille since the 2000s”According to the complaint seen by AFP.

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Claire Monod, who was defeated in the legislative elections in 2017, benefited, she said, from the support of activists in the 13th arrondissement of D.C., where she lives.

According to the investigative magazine Complément d’Enquête de France 2, Sandrine Rousseau provided the city council in the 13th arrondissement with an insurance certificate for a house in which she did not live on March 1, 2022, three days before closing the business. Registration on electoral lists and validation of candidacies by EELV. This document was drawn up by an acquaintance of hers at the request of Sandrine Rousseau, and is specified in the complaint.

Twitter – Supplementary investigation on Twitter

“There was a sub-lease project because it was a furnished apartment.” but “Finally settled in an unfurnished apartment because subletting wasn’t possible”He defended Sandrine Rousseau on the show. “Since the electoral rolls are closed, I bet this sublease, yeah.”she admitted.

sequel after announcement

This recording allowed him “Pretending to be anchored in the thirteenth arrondissement” and to be invested by EELV authorities, according to the complaint.

Rep. Sandrine Russo intervened during an argument between a taxi and a cyclist

Sandrine Rousseau ended up signing a lease in mid-April for a studio located in this arrondissement.

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