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Appointment of MEP Marie Toussaint as leader of environmentalists

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MEP Marie Toussaint, 36, was appointed on Monday, July 10, as the leader of environmentalists for the 2024 European elections, the party announced after an internal vote of the militants, in effect endorsing the principle of the independent list.

It has collected 59.5% of the vote (out of 4,678 voters), ahead of David Cormand who will be No. 2 on the list, EELV Marine Tondelier President announced.

sequel after announcement

For a Europe of the Living, and a Europe of Justice

Mary Toussaint was distinguished by the jurist “deal of the century”A legal remedy against France’s climate inaction. In the European Parliament, it secured the vote of the European Parliamentarians to recognize ecocide in European law.

Marine Tondelaire (EELV) wants ‘one candidate’ left for 2027

“I will make it a point of honor for environmentalists to fight for a Europe for living, a Europe for justice”She told the press confirming it “The mother of battles is the reintegration of the economy within the borders of the planet”.

Believing that the campaign will ” difficult “As I promised “Fighting the far right head-on”and confirmed that it was not ‘There is no question of taking I don’t know any environmental regulatory pause’In response to the statements of the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, who “greenwashing”.

standalone list

finally, “We must reject the war of the left”she said, claiming she wasn’t “He is not a candidate to squander the capital of the unit with little murderous phrases. We can disperse without tearing each other apart.”.

sequel after announcement

A year into its inception, Nupes has become nervous about its electoral strategy

This vote by environmental activists is in fact the principle of the independent list of European women, while La France insoumise continues to try to convince its Nupes coalition partners of the need for a joint list.

They also voted by 80% to launch a new movement in October, called Les Ecologistes, a name that should eventually replace the name “EELV”. Marie Tondelaere said that for legal reasons, the two names (EELV and Les Ecologistes) would stick around for a while.

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