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After two weeks of aborted rebellion, what happened to Wagner and his commander, Yevgeny Prigogine?

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On June 23 and 24, the entire world watched in amazement at the attempted rebellion by Wagner’s militia against Vladimir Putin’s authority. Although the operation lasted less than 24 hours, before it was interrupted under mysterious circumstances and when the defected mercenaries were within a few hundred kilometers of Moscow, the prestige of this private paramilitary company and its leader Yevgeny Prigozhin is more uncertain than ever.

After two weeks, most of the total mystery remained. What future for this group and its status in Russia? What fate will be reserved for its seditious leader Yevgeny Prigogne, a “traitor” according to Vladimir Putin? What about his assistants? “Lopes” assesses.

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Where did Yevgeny Prigogine go?

After his 24-hour mutiny rocks the Kremlin, Wagner’s fiery leader Yevgeny Prigozhin asserts that he does not want to seize power, but simply to protect Wagner from being dismantled by the Russian General Staff whom he accused of incompetence. Since then, the craziest rumors have been circulating about the whereabouts of the seditious chef, a former thug from Putin’s back kitchens.

Evgueni Prigojine, ex-thug from Putin’s ladle

Initially, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, the author of the mediation between Prigozhin and Russian Head of State Vladimir Putin, confirmed on June 27 that the Wagner chief was indeed in Belarus, a vassal state of Moscow, such as the stipulated agreement for which he was a mediator. . But, in a dramatic turn of events last Thursday, Lukashenko now claims that Prigozhin is now in Russia. Asked about the allegations, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov replied that Moscow “I did not follow” his movements. On Russian national TV channels, we saw many uncomfortable information appearing here and there of the seditious leader, including an incredible series of pictures of the interested party adorned with wigs, or fake beards of poor quality, probably intended to discredit him. Still very popular, Prigojine may already be busy securing his vast business empire in finance, construction, media, influence, mining, and logging.

His followers keep a low profile

In the aftermath of the rebellion, Vladimir Putin reached out to Prigozhin’s aides: You can sign a contract with the Ministry of Defense [russe] Or move to Belarus. For now, Wagner’s followers avoid the limelight. Among them is Dmitry Utkin, a giant skinhead who founded the group and baptized it with his nom de guerre, “Wagner,” discreet. The same for other leading figures in the militia, Alexander Kuznetsov (“Ratibor”), Andrei Bogatov (“Prodyaga”) and Andrei Troshev (“Sedoy”).

Sergei Shoigu, Vladimir Putin, and Yevgeny Prigogine: Diving into the Mysteries of Russian Power

Will they join the Russian army? The former commander of Wagner, now exiled in France, Marat Gabidullin does not believe in this hypothesis at all: “From Syria [où le Groupe Wagner a combattu à partir de 2015]And The contempt for the army is too strong.” Confirms in “Le Monde”. Author of the book “I am Marat, the former commander of the Wagner Army.” (Michel Lavon, 2022), the former mercenary adds that since the battle of Bakhmut, The gap only widened. The army disgusts them even more today.”.

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What will happen to thousands of mercenaries?

and thousands of fighters “Wagnirovtsy” stay? Could you be tempted to join the regular Russian army? For the time being, no one wanted to join the Belarusian camp that was allotted to them under the agreement negotiated by the Belarusian president. Recently built in Tsile, in the town of Asipovichi, in the Mogilev region, this camp that could hold about 5,000 men has been empty in recent days, several foreign journalists, including AFP, have pointed out. “If you’re looking for it, you won’t find it here.”Leonid Kasinsky, an officer of the Belarusian Ministry of Defense, was released during this press visit.

How the Wagner Rebellion exposed Putin’s cracks in power

“Because the camp is ready, it is always served.” According to Wagner, only the Ministry officer agreed.

Moscow regains control abroad

Besides Ukraine, Yevgeny Prigozhin was also Putin’s black baron in the rest of the world. In Syria, where Wagner intervened to support Bashar al-Assad’s forces against the Islamic State, Moscow sent its Russian deputy foreign minister, Sergei Verchinin, the day after the revolt. According to The Wall Street Journal, It was about taking back control and telling Bashar al-Assad that Wagner would not operate independently in the country.

Yevgeny Prigogine, Putin’s Black Baron

And most importantly, the question of Wagner’s future in Africa promises to be very high on the agenda of the Russian-African summit, which will open on July 27 in Sochi. Thanks to Wagner, the Kremlin has regained influence in the region in recent years through its propaganda campaigns that disgrace the Western presence.

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Thus in the Central African Republic, where there are about 1,400 Wagner mercenaries, Bangui assured that once the rebellion was over, Wagner’s activities would ” Complete “. In this country where Wagner trains the army and secures close security for President Touadera, while he is engaged in the exploitation of diamond mines, Fidel Guandjica, Special Adviser to the Minister to President Touadera, hastened to say: “Russia has subcontracted Wagner, if Russia no longer agrees with Wagner, it will send us a new unit.” Other sources refer to “movements”. We have aircraft movements, left positions. I do not have individual lists, but we have seen lists of planes that took off from Iliouchine-76.A Russian troop transport plane confirmed to AFP a foreign security source.

This type of aircraft has been used regularly since 2018 to fly Wagner’s men to and from Bangui for staff rotations. “What is being circulated is a fairly good basis.”, added the same foreign source. In Mali, another country, fighters “Wagnirovtsy” present in the number, “We are also looking at what is happening in Mali but at this point, we are not seeing anything,” he said. adds the same foreign source.

Wagner is still recruiting

Despite the failed insurrection attempt and the unknown fate of its leader, Wagner is still recruiting according to Site, an American firm that specializes in online monitoring of extremism. Translation specialists are needed. In Arabic and French, the group writes on its Telegram channel PMC Wagner Employment (Wagner PMC Recruitment), website reports.

As per its translation, the group progresses “Decent and honest financial compensation”insurance, “best equipment” as “An opportunity to see the world and a healthy tan”.

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