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The Minister of Labor wants to grant 20,000 euros to every 18-year-old to finance studies

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Two weeks before Spain’s early legislative elections, which will take place on July 23, Yolanda Diaz, Spain’s labor minister and radical left-wing candidate from the Somar party, proposed to the press on Wednesday that 20,000 euros be given to all 18-year-olds.

This amount, according to “The Guardian”, should allow them to finance their studies. “It is about allowing young people to have a future and giving them the opportunity to study or start a business without it being dependent on their surname or family of origin.”Yolanda Diaz explained to the press.

sequel after announcement

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This type “The global heritage” Aims to “Ensuring equal opportunities for all” Payment will be made over five years, from ages 18 to 23, to beneficiaries regardless of family income. To finance this initiative, which would cost 10 billion euros (0.8% of Spain’s GDP), the candidate proposes taxing the rich who earn more than 3 million euros a year.

Doubts from the left and criticism from the opposition

The Spanish left was not really divided on the issue. Nadia Calvino, Minister of Economy and Vice President of the Socialist government Pedro Sánchez, expressed doubts about the financing of the measure to Radio Onda Cero. I asked Yolanda Diaz“Explain how this will be financed, because we must follow a responsible fiscal policy in the coming years”.

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On the part of the opposition, the proposal was strongly criticized. This is how Alberto Núñez Viejo, spokesman for the People’s Party, recommended that Yolanda Diaz focus on other topics, denouncing that Spain is offering “The highest unemployment rate in Europe” or that Families can’t finish the month..

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