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For Pape Ndiaye, CNews has become ‘clearly far-right’

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Asked on Sunday about the Bolloré Group’s rise in the textbook sector, Pap Ndiaye considered it was “A worrying situation because we have an interest, as far as textbooks are concerned, in the widest possible variety”.

in This interview is on Radio JThe Minister of National Education has developed: “With Bolloré at the helm of Hachette and given the very strong interference of his group and its leader in the media affairs he controls, there is cause for concern.”

sequel after announcement

For example, according to the minister, it is the television channel of the Bolloré CNews empire that has become ‘clearly far-right’.

School and Secularism: The Debate between Pap Ndiaye and Dominique Schnapper

Far-right vocabulary

Pape Ndiaye regularly announced when leaving against the backdrop of rumors of a government reshuffle. Pape Ndiaye, whom the right likes to caricature as an awakened ideologist, also spoke about the riots that inflamed the country, raising many security, political, social and educational questions.

Before becoming a minister, author “black clause”, which was published in 2008, she felt, on several occasions, that the police establishment should question the racism and sexism that had manifested itself in its ranks. Minister Pape Ndiaye said on Sunday on Radio J he was firmly opposed to scrapping the family allowance, a proposed measure on the right to respond to violence committed by minors during riots, while showing himself open to penalties that make “Part of pedagogy”.

The Pap Ndiaye method: “We will not make a better school if the students are not happier there”

The minister concerned with the black issue and discrimination also ruled “unnatural, unfair and misleading” to “Drawing links between immigration and riots”During an interview on Radio J. “This is the vocabulary of the far right and unfortunately part of the right”commented.

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