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Elon Musk threatens to sue Twitter over new social network Meta

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In just 24 hours, Mark Zuckerberg’s new social network, Threads, has gained more than thirty million users. The growing number of subscribers has already shaken its competitor, Twitter.

The situation does not seem to Elon Musk’s taste. According to information from the Semaphore news website, which was reported by Nomirama, the billionaire Mita has been accused of stealing industrial secrets and violating intellectual property rights. ” Twitter has serious reason to believe that Meta has engaged in the systematic, willful, and illegal misappropriation of trade secrets and other intellectual property of Twitter. Attorney Elon Musk wrote to Meta.

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Mita is accused of conscription “tens” Former Twitter employees who “Have and still have access to Twitter trade secrets or other top secret information” According to the news site Semaphore. X Corp (Twitter’s parent company), after notifying Meta to cease its business, said it was ready to take legal action if that was not the case. “Competition is not a problem. Cheating is one »Elon Musk denounced in a tweet.

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For its part, denied the parent company of Facebook these accusations. No member of the thread engineering team is a former Twitter employee. And Andy Stone, a spokesman for the Mark Zuckerberg Group, responded to the new social network.

“One billion people are on the ropes. Twitter had the opportunity to do it but it failed”

Since launching the Instagram-hosted app in the US, Thursday, July 6, the two entrepreneurs haven’t stopped firing spades across the cross-platform.

It was Mark Zuckerberg who launched the hostilities: “It’s going to take some time, but I think there should be a chat app with at least a billion people on it. Twitter had the opportunity to do that but it failed. Hopefully we’ll get there.” He also sent out his first tweet in over a decade, showing Spider-Man making reference to the Spider-Man meme. A reference to an episode of the comics in which a villain attempts to impersonate Spider-Man.

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On top of that, many celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, and Hugh Jackman have already opened accounts, in addition to Netflix or Washington Post, Reuters » And The Economist ».

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For his part, Elon Musk respondedfiguratively too” With a tweet, she compared the Threads logo to a tapeworm, and in doing so, compared the new social network to a parasite. He also responded to a tweet from Twitter founder Jack Dorsey who sent him a spade. “We wanted flying cars. Instead, we got seven copies of Twitter.” He wrote referring directly to the many apps and platforms that have been launched in recent years to offer an alternative to Twitter.

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