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Are we heading towards a thaw between China and the United States?

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With rivalries and tensions escalating in recent weeks between China and the United States, the world’s two major powers are showing signs of thawing. The latest visit was for US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, who ended a four-day visit to Beijing on Sunday, and told a news conference at the US embassy that relations between the two countries were More solid foundations.

Between China and the United States, a cold war in the small touches

Greeted by many senior government officials, including Premier Li Qiang, the US representative continued to call for more exchanges and cooperation despite the differences. “Both countries have an obligation to manage this relationship responsibly: to find a way to live together and share in global prosperity.”said the Treasury Secretary, stressing the importance of this “vital” High level connections. “We believe the world is big enough for our two countries to thrive”. The US Treasury Secretary acknowledged the existence of “big differences” Between the two countries, but confirmed that the discussions in Beijing were “Direct, substantial, productive”.

sequel after announcement

The Americans support Ukraine … but they have “the head in China”

This visit, the first by Janet Yellen since taking office in 2021, comes a few weeks after that of Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, and is indicative of the Biden administration’s desire to stabilize strained bilateral relations. However, no concrete progress has been announced. Topics of contention remain and can derail relationships at any time.


The main sticking point is in semiconductors, with restrictions imposed in recent months to cut off the supply of US technology to Chinese firms, including chips. China, which seeks to become independent in this field, sees these measures as aimed at hindering its development and preserving American superiority.

China/US: Is confrontation inevitable?

In this issue, the United States will continue to lead “targeted actions” In order to preserve their national security, Janet Yellen warned. but It is important to note that these actions are motivated by simple national security considerations. We are not using it to gain economic advantage.”. I want to dispel fears that we are doing something that will have wide-ranging ramifications for the Chinese economy. This is not the case, this is not the intention.”. She also ‘Serious concerns’ Washington regarding “unfair business practices” from Beijing and “Recent increase in enforcement action against US companies”In reference to the raids and investigations that targeted auditing companies in China in recent months.


Another controversial topic, and not the least: Taiwan. China considers the island one of its provinces, which it has not yet succeeded in reuniting with the rest of its territory since the end of the Chinese Civil War in 1949. It says it is determined to regain control of it daily by force. if necessary.

sequel after announcement

In April, the Chinese army organized major military maneuvers to simulate a three-day encirclement of the island, in response to the Taiwanese president’s stop a few days earlier in the United States.

NATO in Asia and the Pacific

Moreover, Beijing does not hide its anger at what it views as expansionist goals of the United States in the Asia-Pacific region. Establishing military alliances Like NATO In the Asia-Pacific region threatens to flood the region in “whirlwind” Chinese Defense Minister Li Shangfu recently warned.

In 2022, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and the Republic of Korea will jointly participate as guests at the NATO Summit in Madrid, according to Le Monde. « We have no trouvons in the face of a symmetrical system of part d’acteurs, who are the most populous republic of China, which is at the heart of our intercession, our security and our values, and which is the responsibility of the fragiliser of the international order fond on rules “, Then the press release issued by NATO recalled. Its Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, who has been renewed for another year at the helm of the organization, announced in June that the four Indo-Pacific nations would become “Partners” NATO. Their leaders are expected to attend the Vilnius summit on July 11-12, reports Le Monde. A summit that Beijing will undoubtedly follow closely.

For its part, Washington says it is monitoring the Sino-Russian rapprochement as closely as possible, warning Beijing against supplying weapons to Russia, which could exceed “Red line”. Beijing has never condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

A sign that tensions should not go down forever, Xi Jinping’s remarks last Thursday, the first day of Janet Yellen’s visit, on the Chinese military, which was “Dare to fight”. The Chinese president was inspecting units operating in an area near Taiwan. “It is necessary to deepen our war and combat planning (…), focus on real combat training, and accelerate the improvement of our ability to win.”he said again.

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