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Why the cluster munitions the US wants to deliver to Ukraine is controversial

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The United States took another step in the war in Ukraine on Friday, deciding to deliver indiscriminately killing cluster munitions to Kiev that are banned in many countries, particularly European ones.

“It was a very difficult decision for me.”President Joe Biden told CNN, making it clear that he had previously discussed the matter with allied countries and the US Congress. “It took a long time before I was convinced of that,” he said. He declared before justifying his decision by the fact that Ukraine “has run out of ammunition”.

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Controversial weapons

These so-called cluster munitions disperse or release explosive submunitions designed to explode before, on or after impact. Depending on the type of weapon used, the number of submunitions dispersed can range from a few dozen to more than 600.

Its use and production have been banned by many countries under the 2008 Oslo Accords, to which neither the United States nor Ukraine are any longer party.

Ukraine: The War That Continued

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan claimed that President Biden made the decision after a “Unanimous recommendation” manage it. He further emphasized that the Ukrainians gave guarantees “by writing” On their use of these weapons to reduce Risks to civilians. Jake Sullivan justified himself at length for this decision, which was denounced by the NGOs, arguing that “Artillery is at the heart of this conflict” And that Russia has been using this type of weapon since the beginning of the war.

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there “A huge danger to civilians if Russian forces and tanks storm Ukrainian positions and recapture more territory because Ukraine does not have enough artillery.” To defend themselves, he said.

According to the Pentagon, these new dual-purpose weapons can and could be used to penetrate armor and against ground forces. “Obviously useful for all kinds of offensive operations.”. The Americans intend to equip the latest models with “failure rate” Weak, unlike the Russians, we were reassured by the same source.

European embarrassment

On the European side, Washington’s declaration causes some embarrassment. In Berlin, German government spokesman Steffen Heppestreit said on Friday “I am sure that our American friends did not take the decision to hand over the ammunition in question lightly.”.

Same story in Paris where the Foreign Ministry indicated that France would honor its obligations under the Oslo Accords. but “We understand the arbitration the United States has reached in its desire to assist Ukraine in exercising its self-defense against illegal aggression by Russia.”Quai d’Orsay said.

For his part, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg indicated that Russia and Ukraine use these weapons, but Moscow uses them. In its brutal war against Ukraine, which Ukraine uses to defend itself..

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The fact remains that, beyond their respective motives, the existence of these weapons carries a long-term danger, particularly due to unexploded charges, which angers the NGOs.

Human Rights Watch believes that this decision “It will inevitably cause long-term suffering and undermine international efforts to eradicate its use.”.

Biden administration “We must understand that any decision to allow the increased use of these cluster munitions in this war will have a clear consequence: more civilian deaths.”Amnesty International warned. On Friday, the United States announced $800 million in new military aid to Ukraine, bringing its assistance to more than $41 billion since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began in February 2022.

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