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Sales will be extended through August 1

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Sales will be extended by a week until August 1, and traders will have the opportunity to open their shops this Sunday, with the aim of mitigating the consequences of the riots, Minister Delegate for Trade, Olivia Gregoire, announced.

This measure is intended to Traders support His activism was strongly influenced by the urban violence that spread to several cities in France. The first two weekends of sales are crucial for dealers, hence the importance of extending this period of promotions. Riots broke out in Nanterre On June 27, a few hours after the death of Nael. Looting of shops, burning of shops and public buildings, and clashes with police were reported across the country. Minister of Economy , Bruno the mayormentioned that More than 1,000 businesses have been vandalized or BurntAlthough the situation has stabilized since Saturday. The Ministry of Economy explained this Among nearly 200 food companies affectedAnd 30 were burned to ashes, but most of them have already managed to reopen. Several dozen clothing stores were looted, but they are also expected to resume business this weekend. By extending sales and allowing Sundays to open, the authorities hope to provide significant support to traders who have suffered huge losses. This initiative aims to stimulate economic recovery and help traders recover from the damage caused by the riots.

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