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“Provocations” A visit to the agency… What are the concerns about the Zaporizhya power plant?

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What is happening at the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant? On Thursday, July 6, Ukraine confirmed this ‘tensions recede’ On the Russian-occupied Zaporizhia nuclear power plant in the south of the country, after several days in which both sides blamed each other for an imminent provocation.

Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant: “They are all playing with fire”

Tensions are gradually decreasing.a result “great work” Ukrainian military and diplomats as well “Our foreign partners who applied pressure” Natalia Gomenyuk, spokeswoman for the Ukrainian army of the Southern Front, said at a news conference about Russia. Rewind the song “L’Obs”.

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• Kyiv and Moscow are accusing each other

On Tuesday, Kiev accused Moscow of preparing a plane ” excitement “ On the site, while Russia asserts that the enemy country is planning to “hurtful” from installation. The Ukrainian military claimed it “Objects similar to explosive devices have been placed.” on the respective surfaces. “Blowing it up should not damage the generators, but give the impression of bombing from the Ukrainian side.”Military warning that Moscow explained “will misinformation about it”.

“At the front, they suffer in their bodies, we, in our heads”: in Zaporozhye the war is still so close …

In Moscow, an adviser to Russian nuclear energy giant Rosatom, Rinat Karcha, accused Kiev of preparing “hurtful” from the middle. Today we received information that I have the right to disclose. On July 5, during the night, in complete darkness, the Ukrainian army will try to attack the nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia.Renat Karcha told Russian television. He confirmed that kyiv plans to use it Long-range precision weapons and drones.

Then the next day the Kremlin warned that this might happen “Sabotage” Ukrainian. “The situation is very tense because the risk of an act of sabotage by the Kiev regime is very high. An act of sabotage can have serious consequences.”Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

• The International Atomic Energy Agency requests access to the plant

In the face of rising tensions, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on Wednesday demanded access to all buildings of Ukraine’s nuclear power plant. Confirm that there are no mines or explosives at the site..

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“The conflict in Ukraine proves that nuclear deterrence does not bring peace”

Over the past few weeks, IAEA personnel at the site have been inspecting various locations “Without noticing traces of mines or explosives yet.”. But the UN agency was unable to reach the rooftops of the buildings that house reactors 3 and 4 or even certain areas of the plant’s cooling system.

“As tensions and military activity escalate in the region, our experts must be able to verify the facts on the ground.”Consideration, General Manager Rafael Grossi said in a press release “necessary to clarify the current situation” Where each party accuses the other of planning ” excitement “ or “hurtful”.

• Fear of a nuclear disaster

After falling into the hands of the Russian military on March 4, 2022, Europe’s largest power plant has come under fire and been cut off from the power grid on several occasions, a precarious situation that raises fears of a major nuclear accident.

Ukrainian authorities in Zaporizhia, a town 50 kilometers from the eponymous giant nuclear power plant, are preparing “worst case scenario”. Large-scale evacuation exercise and distribution of information leaflets: “This is a big threat, the people are preparing, the government is preparing, the local authorities are preparing”Olena Zhuk, head of the regional council in Zaporizhia, confirmed Thursday to AFP.

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The invasion of Ukraine is a terrifying declaration of nuclear weapons

In Zaporizhia, authorities have already conducted a simulated exercise at the end of June to evacuate 138,000 people living within a 50-kilometre radius around the nuclear power plant, a distant reminder of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in northern Ukraine, in 1986 during the Soviet era.

Such an evacuation “It’s the worst case scenario.”Olena Guke made it clear to whom he would count on Incident type: local, very local, non-local. Personally, I think the accident will be local.For which these new tensions are linked to the counter-offensive led by the Ukrainian military, the official said.

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