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Flood photos after heavy rain in Zaragoza

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She forced motorists to climb onto the roof of her car while waiting for help, to take shelter from the floods that flooded the streets of Zaragoza: these photos, like others posted on social networks, show the city’s arteries flooded with muddy torrential waters after heavy rains hit the capital of Aragon in northeastern Spain Thursday, July 6th.

Summer 2023 is taking shape exceptionally gradually in human records, with confirmation on Thursday, by the European Observatory for Climate Change Copernicus, of the hottest June ever recorded, with the combined effect of climate change and the return of the El Niño phenomenon.

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Even if the rest of the summer is uncertain to predict, temperature records have been linked since April, from China to Spain across the Atlantic Ocean, the most direct sign of the planet’s climate disruption.

How does the weather report adapt to climate change?

But other meteorological extremes, like this heavy rain in Zaragoza, or wildfires and droughts, which are becoming more frequent in Europe, testify to climate change at work.

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