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A conflict of interest lawsuit? The Minister of Justice will know his fate on July 28, 2023

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A short month to examine the minister’s appeals. The Court of Cassation will issue its decision on July 28 on the appeals filed by Keeper of the Seals Eric Dupond Moretti against his referral to trial before the Court of Justice of the Republic (CJR) on suspicion of unlawful taking of interests.

The General Assembly of France’s highest judicial court, its formal composition, debated for more than two hours on Friday, July 7, the morning of the eight-year appeal of Eric Dupond Moretti, suspected of having abused his position as minister to settle scores with three former judges in the prosecutor’s office. National (PNF) and a former investigative judge in Monaco who had opposed him in his early life as a lawyer.

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The Instructions Committee of the International Court of Justice, which is the only jurisdiction capable of prosecuting ministers for acts they committed in the exercise of their functions, ordered at the beginning of October to dismiss the preceding term for felonies before forming a sentence.

The right to silence, sorting out documents… Many points of contention

MH Patrice Spinosi, attorney on behalf of Eric Dupond Moretti, defended seven appeals against decisions or irregularities that would have appeared during the proceedings before the ICJ, and an eighth defense against the October dismissal ruling.

deplore “procedural errors” CJR during the investigation and requested the cancellation of several decisions of the investigation committee of the CJR, indicating that his client would then be treated as “Litigated like the others”.

Among the contentious points raised was the failure to notify the Keeper of the Seals of his right to silence during the Notification of Charges hearing in October; Sorting of documents by a clerk during research in the Ministry in July 2021; the role of the judge and party appointed to François Molins, who left his position as prosecutor at the Court of Cassation at the end of June, and who took on the role of prosecutor in this procedure; Initial Complaints of the Magistrates and Anticor Unions, Presented as Irregular …

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Break the referral order or action validation

In this case, concerned MH spinosi, “Even the obvious, you must fight step by step to obtain the simple application of the general rule.”.

If his argument is followed, the file will be back in the hands of the newly formed CJR investigative committee, which will have to decide again on the charges against Eric Dupond Moretti.

The Dupond Moretti case: the word is left to the defense

Frédéric Desportes, a prosecutor at the Court of Cassation, acknowledged some irregularities, but suggested that the procedure be validated globally. “There is no need to break the dismissal order.”confirmed. If the Court of Cassation follows it, then it Adjudicate the case in favor of the proper administration of justice.Without delaying the court hearing, he hopes.

“What efforts have been made to try to avoid the denunciation that you have been told is evident in the case law case”M answered.H Spinosi.

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Dupond Moretti denounces instructions v

“Would not the proper administration of justice be a shattering and a rejection?” He continued, wondering if “The chronology of this case is more important than its legal regularity.”while President Emmanuel Macron may be tempted to reshuffle his government.

Eric Dupond Moretti dreams of remaining a keeper of the seals, but there are serious obstacles…

During the investigation, the keeper of the seals reiterated that he had done just that Follow his management’s recommendations. Opening investigations and denouncing instructions issued by the Justice and Reconciliation Commission against him.

In this judicial investigation opened in early 2021, a first file relates to an administrative investigation ordered by Eric Dupond Moretti in September 2020, targeting three judges from the National Prosecutor’s Office (PNF).

These judges had his detailed phone bills (fadettes) peeled back when Eric Dupond Moretti was still a bar star, in order to expel a potential mole who was going to inform former President Nicolas Sarkozy that he had been wiretapped at that. The Paul Bismuth corruption case is called.

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The former president of the Algerian National Front, Eliane Hullett, and two figures of this allegation, Patrice Ammar and Ulrika Delaunay Weiss, have been definitively acquitted.

“I feel two lands in the lion’s den”: the former head of the Palestinian National Front responds to the accusations

The second case concerned the administrative investigation launched by Eric Dupond Moretti against a former examining magistrate seconded to Monaco, Edouard Levrault, who had indicted one of his former clients when he was a lawyer.

Eric Dupond Moretti criticized his methods at the time “Cowboys”. In September, the Supreme Judicial Council rejected any punishment against him.

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