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5 million euro plan to ensure their protection

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Bouton d’alerte, video surveillance, protection juridique… The gouvernement by Lancer un plan of cinq millions d’euros to renforce the protection of élus, annonce the ministre charge of territorial collectivities, Dominique Faure, in an entretien au «Monde» ce vendredi 7 July. Advertising comes in the form of “Seventeen elected officials were physically assaulted, by themselves or through their families.” During the recent riots, according to the minister.

“Elected officials within reach”: Mayors’ security is considered insufficient

“Today, when the mayor takes legal action, it may incur costs and may not have legal protections. That is why we will make this one automatic.”Dominic Fore said.

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Thus, elected officials would no longer need to delve into the deliberations of the municipal council as they do today. The state will also bear insurance costs for all municipalities with a population of less than 10,000, compared to 3,500 today. The elected victim of aggression may request psychological support for himself or his family.

Faster police response

The “Security Package”, announced in mid-May after the sudden resignation of the mayor of Saint-Brévin-les-Bains (Loire-Atlantique) and which allows elected officials to register in a file provoking, in the event of an appeal, the fastest intervention by the police, will be completed by the call button . This small box, in which five numbers will be recorded, can be activated in the event of an attack. 1,769 mayors and 5,150 elected officials are already on file.

Targeted, angry, bitter… Mayors are in shock after a week of violence

The plan announced by the minister also provides for the installation of video surveillance cameras and “to secure the premises in front of the town hall or the house of the mayor”After authorization from the Public Prosecutor in the amount of three million euros

Regarding the tightening of criminal penalties, which will lead to the harmonization of penalties with those provided for in the case of violence against uniformed officers, this will be the subject of a law ” In the fall “.

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2265 complaints of violence against elected officials

Among other announced measures, cases of harassment against an elected official will be considered an aggravating circumstance.

In the case of classification without follow-up, parquet floors must be as well “Explain clearly and quickly” Why was the complaint unsuccessful?

In 2022, 2,265 complaints and reports of verbal or physical violence against elected officials were registered, up 32% compared to 2021, according to the Ministry of Interior. but We see a slight decrease Since the beginning of 2023, said Dominique Faure. 1241 procedures were opened. 72% are mayors, and up to 87% if we expand to municipal councillors.”added the minister.

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