Home Politics The Senate investigative committee deplored that “ambiguity and confusion led to the fiasco.”

The Senate investigative committee deplored that “ambiguity and confusion led to the fiasco.”

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“blackout”And “victim”And “failure”And “political ploy” : On Thursday, July 6, the Senate Investigative Committee crushed Marianne Fund and Secretary of State Marlene Schiappa, by presenting its conclusions on this controversial file.

“Lack of rigor, opacity, and casualness led to a fiasco.” The Marian Fund against Separatism, set up in 2021 by Marlene Schiappa, said the mission’s rapporteur, Jean-François Huson (LR) during the press conference in the Senate. The report is clear about the drift of what we call the “political coup”..

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“We have a feeling that Marianne’s Box was designed to be a master communication operation.” By the minister, Jean-François Huson noticed again. there ” Prepare “ inherent in this device, “It has not been retained, which is the full political responsibility of the minister.”is completed.

Marilyn Schiappa suffers from a lot of memory loss.

After the Inspectorate General of Administration (IGA), it was the turn of the Senate Investigative Committee to deliver its conclusions on Thursday regarding this fund, which was granted 2.5 million euros and which was set up in April 2021 by Marlene Schiappa, then Minister Delegate for Citizenship, a few months after the assassination History professor Samuel Paty at the hands of a radical young man, to fund it on the Internet “counter speech” to radical Islam.

Why the administration of the Marian Fund, which was established by Marlene Schiappa after the death of Samuel Paty, came into question

“We have been interviewing her for a long time (…) I have never seen her present concrete items to our commission of inquiry. She has largely relinquished herself to the closet, and has lost much memory, and there are some sermons which are dreadful in my view, and disturbing”Senator Curry.

For the course, some of the associations that have benefited from the fund “I did a real job”, but this is not the case for the main two. In the end, the ” attached “ From the Marian Fund ‘became a real burden’until “a ball associated with the symbol of the republic”according to him.

A figure in the Macron galaxy since 2017, Marilyn Schiappa has seen her star fade a lot. He is now languishing, with frequent calls for his resignation from the left-wing opposition. The Secretary of State was questioned during a highly publicized hearing on June 14.

An investigation assigned by the investigating judge

The Senate took up the issue in May after several articles and reports indicated the poor performance of some associations after they had benefited from hundreds of thousands of euros in public subsidies. The fund was intended to develop, on social networks, “counter speech” to radical Islam.

Al-Adl, for its part, opened an investigation entrusted to the investigating judge at the beginning of May, in favor of “Embezzlement of public funds, misappropriation of public funds by negligence, breach of trust and unlawful appropriation of interests”. Searches were carried out in June at the homes of several key figures in the case.

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The Senate investigative committee will refer it to the Office of the National Fiscal Prosecutor “elements” to “to allow justice to do its work and limit the facts”said the rapporteur.

The questions focus on two associations, among those who have benefited from the funds.

The first, the Union of Associations for Physical Education and Military Readiness (USEPPM), received 275,000 euros, of which 120,000 euros were used to pay the salaries of two of its leaders, among them Mohamed Safawi, author of books on political Islam and terrorism. The other film, “Rebuild the Common”, which earned €330,000, produced videos in which left-wing figures were vilified.

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Marianne Fund: “This case is a holy bread for conspiracy”

Before the Senate, Marilyn Schiappa confirmed that she wanted to take over “political accountability”while regularly denying its management: it indicated in particular that it was not part of the committee that selected the winning associations, and that it was not its responsibility to follow the progress of projects funded by public money.

Muhammad Safawi, who was heard by the senators on June 15, claimed that he was ” trap “ And “Manipulated by political power”.

In the first report published at the beginning of June, which relates only to USEPPM, the IGA denounced many “flaws”, both in the application process and then in the use of funds by the association. And so the inspectors noticed the seriousness “offences”like Double the salaries of USEPPM project leaders. – with an ultimately disappointing result in terms of content: 451 correspondence on various accounts, and eight articles on a website.

After this first report, Governor Christian Gravelle, chair of the Ministerial Committee for the Prevention of Delinquency and Extremism (CIPDR), the body responsible for managing this fund in the Ministry of the Interior, resigned.

The intergovernmental agency must file a second report on this case, this time on the other recipients of the funds. Its conclusions should be published on Thursday at the end of the day.

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