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Senator LR makes controversial remarks by linking the riots to immigration

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Val d’Oise Senator Jacqueline-Eustache Breneau questioned the French nationality of the troublemakers, but determined that 90% of those arrested had been arrested. “How are they ‘French’?”Fired during a hearing of Secretary Gerald Darmanin by the Senate Law Committee, Wednesday, July 5. “Most of the young people who have committed abuses […] are of immigrant origin And you have “hate France”LR elect said again.

The Minister of Interior differed in his response to this thesis. “It seems to me that the single identity interpretation is very wrong.”And so he announced the former mayor of San Gratien (Val d’Oise) who had cataloged the troublemakers.

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Already on Tuesday, the host of Place Beauvau argued that Less than 10% of those arrested were foreigners. And “90% French”, During his interrogation of the government in the National Assembly. Only forty persons were eligible for administrative detention.As he said.

“There was a lot of Kevin and Mateo”

Called Thursday to explain her remarks at the LCI microphone, Jacqueline Eustache-Breneuil defended herself “racist “.

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Wednesday in the Senate, Gerald Darmanin confirmed that after his visit About fifteen police stations in four days.he had noticed among the detained persons “People who are likely to have an immigrant background,” before adding: “But there was a lot of Kevin and Mateo.”

sequel after announcement

“We Need Policies That Meet the Egalitarian Aspirations of Neighborhood Residents”: Interview with sociologist Julian Talpin

By quoting these first names that appeared in the highest adjectives in France in the years 1990 and 2000, the Minister no doubt stigmatized those called. Resorting to “Kevin and Matthew” which, moreover, turns out to be ineffective in calming the spirits of the Right, who do not budge on their assumptions about the foreign origin of the participants in the recent riots.

The immigration bill is in the balance

“The Minister of the Interior is still trying to blind us.”for example, argued MEP Francois Bellamy in an interview with Figaro »accusing Gerald Darmanin ofhomes[r] Behind the recent naturalizations.

Targeted, angry, bitter… Mayors are in shock after a week of violence

Same story on the far right. “He is not lying, of course, but he knows very well that a large majority of the people who took part in these riots were foreigners or of foreign origin.”commented Marine Le Pen, to whom ” everyone “ Links between migration and perpetrated violence.

The controversy has become even more tense because this riot, following the death of Nael, 17, at the hands of a policeman in Nanterre on June 27, took place in the midst of controversy over an immigration bill that the government continues to delay.

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