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LFI MPs demand openness to transgender men

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Deputies in rebel France (LFI) on Wednesday, July 5, introduced a bill to demand that the PMA be opened to transgender men, biologically born female and able to conceive.

Exceeding the mention of civil status

“Transgender men, people born female biologically who transition to male and/or fluid sex, and have conception capabilities, cannot resort to ART (medical assisted reproduction, also called ART) for the sole reason that their gender is male in civil status.”He expressed regret over the election of the rebel Segolene Amiot, during a press conference in the National Assembly.

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‘She knows it came from my womb’: In France, it has been six years since men of civil status could become pregnant

“The male in civil status should not be an obstacle to kinship.”She insisted with her colleague, Bastien Lachaud.

The Bioethics Act of August 2021 expanded access to assisted reproduction for couples and single women. In July 2022, the Constitutional Council passed the exclusion of transgender men from access to the monetary authority, a provision objected to by the Association for the Defense of Transgender People.

Other proposals are under discussion

In addition to opening the PMA for transgender people, Ségolène Amiot’s text plans the self-preservation of gametes for all people. “Change of sex naming makes the use of gametes by couples uncertain today”argued the Loire-Atlantique member.

His bill, which is not on the agenda of the National Assembly, he would also like to make possible the so-called technique Receiving eggs from a partner Or ROPA, which allows a woman to donate an egg to her partner, with the goal of assisted reproduction.

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This technique, which is authorized in Spain, has been discussed but rejected in previous debates over French bioethics laws, and some have seen it as a shift towards surrogacy (GPA).

“There is no possibility of resorting to surrogacy with this law.”put a line under Segolene Amiot.

Finally, its text provides for the extension of the procedure for joint recognition of a child in advance (RCA) to all couples, including those who “The man gives birth to the child”.

Discussion topic in LFI?

During the previous five-year period, LFI deputies Bastien Lachaud and Daniel Obono had introduced a bill similar to the Making assisted procreation a universal right.

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The group saw an uproar in early June around the issue of LGBT rights when François Ruffin set aside a law on gender reassignment in the name of “calm down”.

Remy Lefevre, political scientist: “The conflict between Ruffin and Melenchon seems inevitable”

Several rebel elected officials criticized the situation “Personal”and the deputy of the Somme, a potential candidate for the 2027 presidential election, have made amendments and have recognized the need to do so “progress” about this question.

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