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In Italy, Giorgia Meloni reduced access to abortion

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I am Georgia, I am a woman, I am a mother, I am Italian, I am Christian! These words, during the 2019 meeting in Rome, are almost as famous as the one she spoke: The President of the Italian Council, Giorgia Meloni, has been in office since October 2022. In her speeches, the party’s post-fascist Fratelli d’Italia leader repeatedly states that he wants to increase the birth rate and keep ” Italian It assumes Italian racial purity.

Abortion is a very thorny topic for the president, who is still keen to show her “normalization” and not miss out on the exciting European money. Giorgia Meloni has repeated several times that she does not want to return to Law 194 of 1978, which decriminalized abortion. But she and her party, under the guise of reviving the birth rate, are silently attacking abortion access. Thus, Eugenia Roquela, Minister for Family, Habitat and Equal Opportunities, touched on the issue of abortion: “ Yes, unfortunately, that’s right. »

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Law 194 introduced a concept widely used by Italian doctors,” conscientious objection Today, about 70% of gynecologists refuse to perform abortions in the name of this idea. The number of physicians has been increasing since 1978. Other than the relatively few physicians who personally oppose abortion, gynecologists are increasingly becoming “objectionable” on professional grounds, so as not to They are confined to the practice of abortions. And this act is not appreciated much in the profession. By fatigue also, since the few doctors who agree to perform abortions see the number of their appointments multiply.

In Abruzzo or Sicily it is “almost impossible to have an abortion”

Today, non-objection is a military action.Even Martina Avanza, a researcher in political science at the University of Lausanne, puts it this way. In Molise (South) for example, the “non-objectionable” performs an average of three abortions per week, according to the anti-abortion association Pro Vita e Famiglia. In some regions, such as Abruzzo or Sicily, 90% of gynecologists conscientiously object to military service and Abortion is almost impossible.sums up Giovanna Conti, of the Libera di abortire association, who then advises young women to join other parts of Italy.

The coalition, close to Catholic circles, made up of the Fratelli d’Italia and its allies, Forza Italia and Lega, now ruled the vast majority of Italian regions. Therefore, at the regional level, new barriers to abortion were introduced for the first time. Listening to the fetal heartbeat and giving money to mothers who decide not to have an abortion were implemented, for example, in Piedmont or in Abruzzo. More radical pro-life associations are also authorized in areas led by the right-wing coalition to have headquarters in hospitals and to “inform” women during their first consultation with a gynecologist.

Financial support for family planning is also being reduced, in a country where health is a territorial purview. In parliament, the right-wing coalition is also trying to block access to abortion. After the tragic news that, on May 28, he killed a seven-month-pregnant woman, Gilia Tramontano, Senator Roberto Menia, of the Fratelli d’Italia, introduced a bill to qualify the act. “double murder”thus introducing the idea of ​​the legal personality of the fetus.

sequel after announcement

‘Worse than in Texas’: In Italy’s Marche region, Giorgia Meloni’s party bans abortion

Furthermore, in Italy, fetuses over 20 weeks of gestation have “known human” status and must be buried or cremated. This is how the “squares of the angels” developed in La Bute, cemeteries in which fetuses were buried under the general name “celeste”. Even the City Council of Rome was sentenced on May 22 to a fine of 176,000 euros for having inscribed on the graves of the fetuses, next to the cross, the first and last names of the mothers.

Giorgia Meloni has repeatedly indicated that she would not touch Law 194, but thus make abortion more difficult. “For the Meloni government, it must always be said that abortion is a tragedy. Develop moral barriers and stigmas. It is simpler than legal change with huge political costs.”Martina Avanza concludes. This cultural battle is gaining ground.

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