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Algeria: The Choked Press: The Symbol of the Nation

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Every morning, it’s the same little merry-go-round. In the heart of Algiers, near the lively Didouche Mourad avenue where shops and fast food are always full, a disorganized queue forms in front of the gate next to the newsstand, near the Meissonnier market. The first pages of the printing press, attached to clothespins, are spread out in tight rows in front of the alger in the air Serious, glasses on the tip of the nose, hands behind the back, who have them They used to read the daily headlines like this. This bizarre daily newspaper review has a name: “Tetrology”. “Before, it was chaos. People gathered in front of my newsstand to read the headlines and comment on the news. I posted some outsiders.”smiling, newsstand. “But it’s not like it used to be. Journalism has lost its appeal.”sorry to the dealer installed there from

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