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Ukraine: The War That Continued

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It will suffice to analyze the images coming from Neskuchen, northeast of Kharkiv, to understand this: the counter-offensive launched by the Ukrainian army on June 9 will not be the lightning-fast victory imagined by Western observers who have begun to find the war time too long. In this small village in southern Ukraine, the first victory of Zelensky’s army’s counterattack, the Russians barricaded themselves and fought to the last ammunition. Abandoning the burial of their dead who littered the streets, and taking refuge in underground shelters, they built, like ISIS in Mosul, covered passages between buildings. Every centimeter of the recovered territory is drenched in the blood of the belligerents. And a month after the start of the counteroffensive, nearly a fifth of the Ukrainian territory is still in Russia’s hands.

What do these facts mean?

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