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The government is asking for one-time restrictions in case of riots

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The government can consider Pause features On social networks in the event of new riots but does not intend to implement a “widespread blackout” platforms, the executive branch reassured on Wednesday after controversial presidential remarks.

The day before, Emmanuel Macron had stressed in front of about 300 mayors who were victims of violence during the riots, the need to think about social networks.

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Targeted, angry, bitter… Mayors are in shock after a week of violence

“We need to think about the use of these networks among young people, in families, at school, the taboos we have to put”The head of state stressed the statements reported by the newspapers and confirmed by the Elysee. “We can see that (…) when things explode for a moment, say to ourselves: perhaps we will put ourselves in a position to regulate them or to cut them off”He said. “It shouldn’t be done hot. I’m glad we didn’t have to.”he added.

“functional comment”

It is an outing that has sparked controversy in both ranks the left that who straight. The clarifications were made at the end of the cabinet meeting on Wednesday. “Can be a comment feature”Government spokesman Olivier Ferrand said, referring to the tools available during situations such as the riots sparked by the death of Cheb Nael on June 27:

“For example, you have geolocation functions, on certain platforms, that allow young people to find themselves in such a place, by showing scenes, how to light fires, etc. These are calls to organize hate in the public space and there you have the power to be able to From her comment.”After Nael’s death: “For some, photography is a way to protect themselves”

According to the delegation accompanying the Head of State, President Emmanuel Macron “He never said he planned to cut the networks in the sense of a general blackout.”. “It’s about being able to fine-tune and temporarily suspend social networks”added this source.

sequel after announcement

Create a working group

The Minister responsible for digital transformation, Jean-Noel Barrot, proposed Tuesday evening in the Senate the creation of a working group on measures to be taken in the event of riots.

this “Equal, bipartisan, equal working group”Which can hold its first meeting next Wednesday “First, analyze on social media what could have been down during the disastrous week that has just passed, and formulate recommendations on that basis.”The minister added on Wednesday.

He indicated that it could be adopted as part of the examination in the National Assembly of the bill aimed at securing digital technology, which is currently being discussed in the Senate.

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