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Nael’s Death: Beyond Anger

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It will take some time for the violence in France to heal in recent days. Overcoming the images of a policeman killing the young man, Nael, at close range. So that calm comes after anger, and this cause regains its rights in a country afflicted by looting, assaults on public buildings, and assaults on elected officials in the Republic. It will take time, a shared desire to calm down, not give in to emotion and exaggeration, and to understand the root causes of this conflagration.

After the riots, lessons learned from the wildfire

Because scenes of riots, no matter how unjustified and shocking they may be, should not hide the extent of the social crisis they are witnessing. Despite pressure from the far right, which is feeding on the difficult situation in the country, the government would be wrong to provide a security-only response to the fallout from the war.

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