Home Politics “I was under the influence,” says Gil Artigis.

“I was under the influence,” says Gil Artigis.

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It’s a French combo-like story with an explosive cocktail: sex, politics and blackmail. In 2015, Gilles Artige, then deputy mayor of Saint-Etienne, was trapped in a Parisian hotel room. He was photographed in the presence of an escort boy who conversed with him before giving him an erotic massage. The video was taken and used on various occasions to blackmail the elected center with apparent Christian convictions. It also reveals many recordings. This case, revealed by Mediapart in August 2022, has shaken the political life of Saint-Etienne: Gaël Perdriau stepped down from his duties as city president last December but remains mayor of the city.

Since then, journalists have given way to investigators. The two supposed patrons, the mayor of Saint-Étienne, Gaël Perdrieux, and his chief of staff, B

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