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Gilles August: “Only the brilliant should come and advise the best companies”

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impact | Gilles Auguste is one of the founders of the law firm Auguste Debussy, one of the largest in Europe. Another recruit, the famous economist Nicholas Baverez. We asked Mr. August how and why his company has so many stars.

Why are there so many prominent figures in Auguste Debuzi?

Giles August : We must go back to the origin of creation Cabinet Abuzi Dabouzi. The true strength of our association, Olivier Debuzy and I, is our differences. Olivier is an anarchist, passionate about defense issues and nuclear deterrence, where I had a more traditional law and business course. Olivier was able to get a different view of the business world, to see corners that a simple lawyer would definitely not have been able to notice. It is the combination of our skills that has made us ready for all clients in France or anywhere else. We were able to achieve multiple strategic goals. Over the years, it was the addition of professions and talents that made this company a company “full service”.

This diversity of profiles, economists, technicians, technicians, personalities from the public sphere as well as ex-ministers has created an addition of intelligences that allow gaining height and providing more qualitative strategic advice to clients: principle “Think outside the box” became a necessity.

Do the characters you recruit bring you to the grid?

GA : naturally. However, each of us is an entrepreneur with an interest in our client’s development. It is important for us to have personalities who know how to face their points of view. Today, Cabinet members are talking about 14 languagesOur lawyers work in more than 50 universities and schools around the world, all of which naturally allow the firm to shine on an international level. An important criterion for our structure is to be original above all. But legal capacity remains the starting point.

Bernard Cazeneuve, former prime minister, who rubbed shoulders with the greats of this world, does he have a stronger ability than others to communicate?

GA : She is undoubtedly very strong, but within the company, each person is unique in their field.

Moreover, how is the fact of surrounding oneself with figures like Bernard Attali or the essayist Nicolas Baverez perceived abroad?

GA The diversity of our partners’ intellectual positions shows that we do not have exclusivity. The brightest needs only to come and advise the best companies. The gain of the fame we gather I do not seek, but I welcome with satisfaction.

To put it plainly, the observer I say to myself, if Bernard Cazeneuve, the former head of the government of France, joins Auguste Debussy and not another government, it is without a doubt because Auguste Debussy is too strong and too competent… His reputation reflects on your own.

GA : Yes, definitely. I must note that Bernard Cazeneuve was a lawyer with Auguste Debuzy before he took office at the highest level of the country. According to our recruitment process, the partner must receive the unanimous vote of the company’s 38 partners. If only one person opposes the proposed access, the candidate will be rejected! But this never happened.

Are these “stars” so expensive?

GA : not specified. Their fee is a traditional business attorney. We are not a capital intensive company, which means no one pays to become a partner.

Can it be compared to banks that also appoint former ministers or diplomats as senior advisors?

GA : No, it is not comparable. With us, these personalities are full-fledged lawyers. Bernard Cazeneuve was a lawyer before he became a leading figure. He simply returned to the office where he was practicing. Emmanuel Mignon, former adviser to Nicolas Sarkozy, was a judge of the Council of State. So I took advantage of a gateway to the legal profession. As for the economist Nicola Paverez, he was also a judge at the Court of Accounts. Bernard Attali, Honorary Adviser to the Court of Accounts, could have also become a lawyer, but he preferred the title of Senior Adviser like the diplomat Pierre Sellal.

When you recruit political figures, do you ensure that they share your convictions?

GA : no. I’ve always been a Gaulle-Shiraki, so I’m not on the same side as Bernard Cazeneuve, for example. Everyone is free to have their own beliefs.

Still shunning the extremists of the National Front or Rebel France?

GA Those with extreme opinions will not be welcome. We never exclude anyone, but we do not agree with concepts contrary to law and justice. People who oppose the Constitution or the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we will find ourselves right in front of them.

Are you trying to maintain the political balance within the company?

GA : no. It is the opportunity for encounters and intelligence.

Several former ministers or parliamentarians-turned-lawyers mediate. Why ?

GA Mediation is a profession that lawyers do not necessarily practice. It requires qualities of strategy, psychology and transactional analysis more than skills in law. This consists of ruling on the basis of equity rather than in law. This practice implies a lack of conflict of interest, which is hard to come by in a company like ours, which accounts for 1,200 clients a year. We are very vigilant about ethics, it is in our DNA.

Bernard Cazeneuve has just announced that he is launching his own political movement. Does it affect you?

GA : No, he is completely free to do so. Each of the company’s partners does what he wants. When you work with intellectuals, the less constrained they are, the better.

To have a former president in August Dabouzi, is this consecration?

GA : We talk to everyone who wants to join us. The question is rather whether we need a former head of state more than a specialist in molecular biochemistry? I don’t know. On the other hand, we must certainly provide our customers with strategic advice with a very high added value!

I know that in the next few years, artificial intelligence will revolutionize our profession, but I am convinced that humanity will always need natural intelligence, powered by artificial intelligence. not the opposite!

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