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Former LREM MP Laetitia Avea has been given a suspended 6-month prison sentence for moral harassment

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Former LREM MP Laetitia Avea was sentenced Wednesday in Paris to a suspended six-month prison sentence and two years of disqualification for the moral harassment of four parliamentary assistants, we know from compatible sources.

On the other hand, the former MP for Paris, 37, who became a lawyer again after her defeat in the legislative elections in 2022, was released from the procedures related to three other former collaborators.

sequel after announcement

not “Failure to prove the existence of organizational, administrative and structural harassment practice on the part of Laetitia Avia”, The court ruled. Then “checked the status of each”.

a crime “Committed Laetitia Avea in relation to several employees for several years when she was an elected representative of the Republic, on the occasion of the exercise of these functions and in relation to parliamentary collaborators, highlighting the seriousness of his actions”, writes the court in its ruling, which was consulted by AFP. The court adds:

“Even as a young female deputy, with no experience in managing human resources, she discovers the work of the National Assembly, which has, moreover, been the target of unwarranted personal attacks, intolerable distortion, and whose political ambitions have vanished into nothingness after revealing the facts. The Court must also take into account the fact that, like all persons exercising public functions, she had a duty to set an example, of which she was aware.

10,000 euros in damages

Laetitia Avia was ordered to pay approximately €10,000 in damages and €6,500 in legal costs.

His lawyer, Anna Basile Adair, indicated that he did ” certainly “ He pleaded saying to himself ” Confident “ on the outcome of this second trial.

sequel after announcement

“The fact that the court has not maintained a system for harassment but has screened employees who have lodged a complaint will allow us to bring the case before the Court of Appeal in a transparent manner as to the ‘charge’.”did he say.

Conversely, he considered the attorney for several civil parties, May Maud Sobel “The clarity and seriousness of the facts, as well as Leticia Avia’s position in the session, foreshadowed the referee’s decision.”.

“Verbal violence”

During the trial, the seven former employees, all of whom did not file a complaint, gave lengthy testimonies describing “Verbal violence” And “aggression” to their superiors, sometimes by way of notes and titles about their origins.

The politician explicitly denied saying the charges were made “just the opposite” Among its values, invoking the limitations of political life such as the National Assembly’s workload and reprimands ” He lies “.

sequel after announcement

The MP, an early LREM campaigner, then introduced a bill against online hate into parliament, and it was largely censored the following month by the Constitutional Council.

Laetitia Avia: “There will be a new moderation system for hateful content”

After several complaints, an investigation was opened in July 2020, and two years later, the elected official was summoned to appear in court.

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