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The AfD has been hanging over the German political spectrum

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This is the second victory in a week for the far-right German party Alternative for Germany, which on Sunday 2 July succeeded in electing its first mayor. With approximately 51.13% of the vote, Hannes Loth won the town hall of Ragone Jesnitzen, a small town of 9,000 inhabitants in the east of the country. On 25 June it was the land (county) of Sonneberg, in Thuringia in the east of the country, which fell into the hands of the AfD with 52.8%, another historic precedent. Since the fall of the Reich.

The far-right party confirms its rise in opinion polls. According to recent studies, the AfD collects between 18 and 20% of voting intentions at the national level. This is a level that has never been reached in nearly ten years by opponents of politics by this party European Union led by Angela Merkel.

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We are in 2013. We are not satisfied with the economic policy The former chancellor, a small group made up of professors of economics, finance and law, decided to come together around a common project: to put an end to the eurozone by restoring the German mark, the former national currency. Created on February 6th The Alternative for Germany political party, which was officially launched during a conference on April 14.

Initially spurred on by the feeling that Germany had “paid too much” for other European countries, through eurozone bailout funds, This liberal, anti-euro party has changed battlefields at the whim of its leaders. At its inception in 2013, AfD was co-directed by Bernd Lucke, Professor of Macroeconomics at the University of Hamburg. He then rallied many teachers to his cause, hence the nickname “The Teachers’ Party”.

Guns against refugees

with With 4.7% of the vote in the September 2013 legislative elections, the AfD failed to join the Bundestag, the parliamentary assembly of the Federal Republic of Germany. These frosty beginnings are a reflection of the AfD policy. Known as Eurosceptics, the Teachers’ Party is strengthening its ties with Germany’s National Democratic Party, a neo-Nazi formation founded in 1964. Throughout 2015, the new AfD spokesperson, Frauke Petri, does not hide her hatred of immigrants, For the many from Syria who have arrived in Germany. Border Police recommends “use their firearm” against these refugees.

The AfD finally entered parliament in September 2017 with a 12.6% vote. The arrival of 94 deputies from this party sparked numerous reactions and demonstrations in several German regions. Residents do not hesitate to chant many slogans comparing deputies to the Nazis such as All of Berlin hates the Nazis..

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Frauke Petri is not the only one within the party who has made such remarks on immigration, and some have even returned About the history of the memorial to Germany during the Second World War. Bjorn Hook, the elected regional official, compared the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin to B “monument of shame” In a tweet posted on September 16, 2017. The base of political party professors fighting for a ” substitute “ According to the economic policy proposed by Angela Merkel, she is gradually being replaced by businessmen and women, elected officials, businessmen and strengthening her position on the far right.

The ideological struggle now carries on On immigrants, Covid-19 vaccines, and sanctions imposed on Russia after invading Ukraine. Some 83 deputies from the far-right party are now sitting in parliament. That makes it the fifth-largest political party in the country, after the Greens and the Liberals, but far ahead of the historic far-left party D-Link.

With almost a year to go before the European elections and three regional elections in eastern Germany, the AfD is gaining traction in the image of a Europe that is gradually falling into the arms of the far right.

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