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Peter Gabriel Unveils New Song “So Much”: Stream

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July 3 is a full moon, which means Peter Gabriel has shared new single “So Much” from his upcoming album, i/s Listen to the track below.

Written and produced by Gabriel himself, “So Much” features a string arrangement from John Metcalfe, while Tony Levin plays bass, David Rhodes contributes guitar, and Gabriel’s daughter Melanie sings vocals. Gabriel describes the track as a “simple song” about making the most of the life we ​​have to offer.

“I was purposely trying not to be clever about it,” the artist explained. “I wanted a chorus that was very simple but still had some essence of harmony and melody. Something that was easy to digest but still had a certain personality.”

Gabriel continued, “A lot about mortality, aging, and all the flashy, euphoric themes, but I think when you get to my type of age, you either run away from mortality or you jump into it and try to live life to the fullest and that always seems to make the most sense to me.” Seemingly alive are those that have died as part of their culture.”


Subtract i/s It features Gabriel releasing a new song every full moon, and each song comes with a specific piece of art. “So Much” is related to Henry Hudson’s “Somewhere Over Mercia”, which depicts a yellow line on the horizon above a dark indigo sky. In a statement, Hudson compared the simple quality of his work to “So Much”.

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“There is a universality about the song,” said the artist. “I think the connection between that song and My Horizontal Lines is very poignant—dealing with our understanding of what time is, dealing with spaces or horizons or places that can seem closer or farther away.”

The version of “So Much” released today is a “Dark Side Mix” mixed by Tchad Blake. Later in the month, Gabriel will be sharing Mark “Spike” Stent’s “Bright-Side Mix”, as well as Hans Martin Bove’s “In-Side Mix”. Tracks follow his predecessor i/s The singles, “Four Kinds of Horses”, “i/o (Bright-Side Mix)”, “The Court”, and “Panopticom”.


Gabriel will be touring North America this fall. Get tickets for an upcoming show here.

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“So Much (Dark-Side Mix)” Artwork:

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