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Macron declared emergency law to speed up reconstruction

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Emmanuel Macron announced on Tuesday a “law of emergency” To speed up the reconstruction of the towns affected by the riots last week, and open several sites with a “Top priority”restore a “sustainable system”.

In front of the mayors of more than 300 municipalities gathered at the Elysee Palace, the head of state said for the first time to himself “very precise” On the prospect of returning to calm ” continuous “taking into account that “top” From the first evenings it was “passes”.

sequel after announcement

10 things to know about Vincent Guenbrun, the LR mayor who was targeted in the flaming car attack

So he confirmed “extraordinary resources” to guarantee “A sustainable republican system”And “Keep the effort and pressure” Especially on July 13th and 14th, around the national holiday.

Clashes multiplied with the police, burning of communes, schools and police stations and looting of shops across France, culminating in the attack on the home of Vincent Janbrunn, mayor of The Hague-les-Rozes in Val-de-Marne, before a sharp decline in the last two nights.

Vincent Janpron: “We can’t accept a little Doliprane to ease the pain”

“Nothing is done”

thirteen “Serious harm” The elected officials have been identified, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said. “Even if calm returns, I take it we can’t act as if nothing happened.”the chief insisted.

During the meeting in the Elysee, away from the cameras, the mayors tore down the microphones to address the head of state, sitting down and taking notes. For Patrick Jarry, DVG Mayor of Nanterre, “Working conditions and the police mission is a basic project”.

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Targeted, angry, bitter… Mayors are in shock after a week of violence

Patricia Tordjman, the communist mayor of Gentilly, in Val-de-Marne, directly challenged the president, believing that “Nothing is done” Since his election in 2017, “Worse we are deprived of means”.

Jean-François Coupe, Mayor of Meaux from LR, “He does not believe in a social riot, a hunger riot”. And for appreciation: “The Republic does not have to apologize, it has already done a lot for the living”. Summary by Eric Stromann, Mayor of Colmar (Haut-Rhin) from LR, in front of journalists: Right-wing mayors offer right-wing solutions, power and education, and left-wing mayors offer left-wing solutions and more money.. Speaking at the end, Emmanuel Macron could not help but notice this absence“consensus”.

Act to accelerate reconstruction

With regard to the destruction suffered by the municipalities, A. declared Emergency law cancels all deadlines. and accelerate reconstruction. He promised support “to be able to repair very quickly” Broken video surveillance equipment, as well as financial aid for related repairs Roads, municipal facilities and schools.

The government said it is open to “cancellations” Social and tax contributions “case after case” for disruptive work. The Minister of Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire, announced that the insurance companies had agreed to this Consider deductible discounts..

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The head of state also opened long-term projects, from housing to decentralization, including juvenile justice and education, without going into details.

The executive branch should work on it over the summer “to come up with very concrete solutions”because “We must not let the dough fall.”launched at the conclusion of this session reminiscent of b “great discussion” during a crisis “yellow vests”. He promised a teacher “at the end of summer”.

“Better punish” parents

Among these projects, he said he wanted “Better support, better accountability and sometimes better penalties” Parents of child abusers. Monday evening, in front of the police, he had considered A “Kind of the minimum rate of first bullshit.” From their child, he takes Antiphon from the right.

I came to hear the chief give a vision, of course. I did not attend a group therapy session.Zartoshte Bakhtiari, mayor of Neuilly-sur-Marne, said at the exit, frowned upon to leave “without anything”. Ali Rabeh considered that the punishment of traps is the punishment of the parents “an extraneous procedure”.

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