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“We can’t get enough of a little Doliprane to ease the pain”

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Before this night of terrors, Vincent Janpron had already captivated Oops with fear like never before. These last hours are beyond what the mayor of Lhaÿ-les-Roses could have imagined: “A milestone reached in horror and shame”Describing the attack on his family, he wrote in a statement on Sunday: Individuals fired a car into his home and injured his wife and one of his young children as he tried to flee… “Assassination attempt”In his words, which justice announced to seize this morning.

A ramming attack on the house of the mayor of Les-les-Rozes, and an investigation into an assassination attempt

Despite the shock, the Mukhtar refuses to give up: “My determination to serve the Republic is greater than ever.”. Support poured in from all sides: Valerie Pecresse, her confidante, Bruno Le Maire, Elizabeth Bourne and Gerald Darmanin who are going there this afternoon … On Friday, on the phone, his voice was already shaking. Vincent Janbrunn wasn’t worried about his family, but rather his city council: “To be honest, I’m getting ready to burn it tonight.”. In his 39 years in his home city of Val-de-Marne, a Republican spokesperson had never imagined such scenarios. On June 29, after a night of fear of the Town Hall fire, which was protected by a few police officers and temporary barriers and fences, he decided to empty the building a little: computers vacated, civil status moved to a sure place, like few things Precious…

sequel after announcement

“It’s a video game”

Like many others, her town of 33,000 has been the scene of fires and looting since Nahil was murdered following the fatal shooting of a policeman in Nanterre. Attached to the city hall L’Haÿ-les-Roses burned, every estate agency in the center ransacked, and rioters shouted that they had some “I’m sick of people putting money on our backs”. “Fake anti-capitalist revolution”the person to whom the riots appear above all gets carried away “The desire to destroy everything that consists of the Republic and the symbols of power”.

For someone who has always lived in their hometown, it’s not the same as the urban riots of 2005: At that time, it was a cry of pain and annoyance directed at the government. Today, 100% of people who go out at night will perish. My mom told me this morning, “It looks like a video game.” And that’s it, it’s a video game! “.

In this suburban Parisian town, occasional violent incidents have occurred from time to time, but the mayor has never noticed any gangster phenomenon before. This time, the mukhtar says he was shocked by the age of the troublemakers, who he estimates are around two hundred on his land – The youngest is 11 years old! » . Through their organization: “Gang phenomena with forms of hierarchy and a certain order” : “There are leaders who coordinate actions with scouts, those who haul gasoline and mortars, infantry equipped with ice axes, baseball bats and baseball bats. Then in the third line are fireworks ».

On closed-circuit television cameras, he observes at night a riot of young people with Molotov cocktails in their backpacks, ready to meet. At the end of the procession, these teens set up makeshift barriers and checkpoints to avoid being taken from behind. “All this is organized thanks to social networks with very fast means of communication”He notes, surprised by the number of ammunition: “Thursday evening, there were mortar fires for 4 hours, how did they manage to get so many stocks?”. Faced with this violence, he had been calling for days to declare a state of emergency and reinforce armored vehicles to defend sensitive sites.

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Electroconvulsive therapy

In his hometown, he heard people say to him: With what is happening, we can no longer be ignored.. He refuses to say that the neighborhoods are neglected: certainly the state abandoned them a little, according to him, but the municipalities and administrations took over them, invested in them, and helped the associations directly. and work, “It’s everywhere”. “Now, do we live well in these neighborhoods? The answer is no.”he admits, pointing to scattered wrecks, trash cans not picked up quickly enough, constant spoilage, moisture problems…

But for him, neither Nael’s death nor these poor living conditions justified it “The phenomenon of insurgency in the form of guerrilla warfare”.

A mayor facing riots: “We are witnessing the disintegration of the state and we feel abandoned”

In the long term, Vincent Janbron believes it will be necessary to strengthen the means of justice and the police. The other main issue, according to him, is education: “We cannot send teachers fresh out of the academy to these schools”. It must become the school “A place to learn skills” And seize the task if necessary “parent education”. In “l’Obs”, before targeting his family, the Mayor of L’Haÿ-les-Roses has already stated that this time we cannot be complacent with “A little Doliprane to try and ease the pain.” Instead, treatment will require shock therapy.

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