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“The way is two smacks and then go to bed!”, declares Prefect Herault

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“The method is two slaps and then go to bed!” On Monday, July 3, Herault prefect Yves Matouh ordered parents to use forceful tactics to stop urban violence, questioning the law banning spanking and angering elected officials on the left.

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“When we give birth to children, we take care of them from birth. If these children have grown up like weeds in their first 12-13 years, it should come as no surprise that at the age of 12-13 we see them stone police cars or looting stores.Said Yves Motouh of France Blue Hérault.

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“I know that in 2019 Parliament banned spanking but quite frankly, from you to me, if tomorrow you throw your child down the street to burn police cars, or firemen with stones, or rob shops, what is the method? Two slaps and put to bed!” This is what our ancestors did.”Added Yves Matouh. ‘No cultural influence’ He said that is specific to certain neighborhoods.

“The ruler of the republic should not say that.”

In France, the law “anti-swiping” of 2019 stipulated in the Civil Code that “Patriarchal authority is exercised without physical or psychological violence”.

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On Twitter, the first secretary of the Socialist Party, Olivier Faure, expressed his indignation that A.A “The governor calls for a culture of violence to combat violence”while Deputy Generation Benjamin Lucas saw that A.J The President of the Republic should not say that..

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Denying social, regional, or familial injustice

Violent children are often victims of domestic violence. It is a disaster in Hérault and in France. Is this a request for more violence from the governor? Of course kids don’t have to break and burn. But how naïve a governor is to think that a society that treats children and parents badly produces kindness and peace! »For his part, the deputy of Hérault La France Insomes (LFI) and teacher Sebastien Roma replied.

Twitter – Sebastian Roma on Twitter

David Cormand, MEP, lamented that the governor, too “in denial of social, regional or familial injustice”.

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Former technical advisor to Nicolas Sarkozy at the Ministry of the Interior, Higues Mutouh, since his arrival in Herault in July 2021, has pursued a policy of firmness in the fight against slums, which has earned him the reputation of a “conservative bulldozer”. He was also criticized by the left, particularly for comments that likened protesters against pension reform to saboteurs.

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